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Gran Canaria Airport ( LPA ) Terminal Map Information

Gran Canaria LPA Terminal Map


The three-level passenger terminal at Gran Canaria Airport:

   Ground Level 0 is the Arrivals Level 
houses gates A1-15 at the far left (when entering the terminal): Check-in desks 401-406 are exclusively used by Ryanair - located center, back - between police station & rental car counters. 
      Arrivals Hall 1: Domestic passengers from both the Peninsula and the inter-island flights arrive at  Hall 1 - enabling them to connect with other islands, or access public transportation and the main parking (P1) facility. 
      Arrivals Hall 2 at opposite side is used exclusively for international flights. The baggage claim is arranged accordingly.  
Arrivals Hall 2 includes passport control, Customs, tax inspection service, baggage claims. Two Arrivals Lobbies are also at opposite ends of level 0.  Ground level 0 also houses 'Lost Baggage' (by Atlantica Handling, Groundforce, Iberia & Ryanair), rental car counters. Euronet has an ATM on level 0, and there is a currency exchange service near  International arrivals baggge claim.

   Level 1 is the Departures Level - with gates C1-C35 (west to east) and gates B6-B1 (at west end, after gates B58/B6) - houses the check-in facilities and is divided into Zones A through D.
- Zone A is for flights to the other Canary Islands - which check-in desks 101-118. Its Gates A1-15 are on ground level (northern end of terminal).
- Zones B and C are for European Union and Scandinavian flights; with check-in desks 201-234. Their gates are also on level 1.
- Zone D is for international flights needing added security screening with check-in desks 301-352.
Two separate security checks lead to the boarding area with eight passport control stations and access to the gates.
  Level 2 offers O'Learys Pub, a Galdos VIP Lounge*, & Conference Hall

Amenities inside the terminal and services include: 
Food & drink, , shops, duty-frees, tour operators, travel agency, bank branch, Galdos VIP lounge, meeting rooms & conference hall, lost luggage handled by 5 agencies; Information counters for Aena, Iberia & other airlines; Gran Canaria tourist information; children’s play area; pharmacy; chapel, police station, lost & found and rental car counters.

* The VIP lounge 'Sala Galdos
' on level 2, is open to all passengers and is free to all business-class passengers  (tel. 928 576 297 or e-mail .