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Not able to find out baggage.
Does all baggage arriving at SeaTac picked up at the main terminal?
While going through security, my passport holder was misplaced with the baggage claim ticket inside. Is it still possible to collect my baggage at jfk where they routinely check claim tickets to ensure you get your bag?
My baggage has not arrived at my house yet was told it was in the van that delivered my friends yesterday they gave driver directions to my house I stood in my driveway and as he flew down the street and turned the wrong way twice never saw him again. I have not heard anything about my luggage from American or the airport like I was told I would Please let me know something?
hi, i have lost my wallet its a brown michael kors wallet
Does the Louisville Airport have curbside check in available?
What airline
What is the maximum weight I can carry for an international flight?
I left my I pad with a purple cover on it on the last flight from Detroit to Memphis tonight. What should I do? Who should I contact?
Heading from Detroit through Toronto with St. John's Newfoundland as a final destination. Flying Delta (GoJet Airlines DBA Delta Connection) from Detroit and then Delta (Westjet) to St. John's. I am assuming there will be instructions on retrieving baggage, etc., going through customs, checking bags again?

I was seeing if anyone had picked up my carry on bag from a flight coming back from Dallas. I flew into Atlanta then to Orlando. The date was Monday May 21st. 2018. It is a black bag with a Lenovo Black Computer in it. There are also clothing and Brown shoes. Any help is appreciated.

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