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Please show Terminal of Sun Country Airlines
What airport?
My wife arrived at NAIA on Air China flight 179 from Beijing dtd 18 Jan 2018.
It is on Global Baggage Tracing System #MNLCA16958 for delayed luggage.
Where I can get update on its whereabouts and delivery schedule?
Contact Air China. This is
My family go to overseas to come and see my relationships for 5 weeks. We can't bring car seat, we want to sent it back in AirPort, so Have the Denver international Airport got a service to look up it ?
No, Denver International Airport does not have luggage storage.
Where is pickup point at Jacksonville Fl airport for Air Canada passengers arriving from Toronto
Jacksonville only has one terminal, so the arrivals level of the only terminal.
I wish to take a 1937 or older shotgun in case broken down to 3 different section to my son in Atlantic City when I go on a charter trip. Is this allowed?
Yes, but it has to be in your checked baggage in a locking case and declared, just like a modern firearm.
Hi, I was traveling from Edmonton to Delhi on 15th of jan. My baggage was delayed and I received it yesterday. But items from bag are missing. This was so unethical behaviour that I experienced. When I called the respective department they denied by saying that they are not allowed to open any baggage. I was surprised from the response of the lady. She said we cannot do anything in this case. Just file your complaint online. Email id she provided me with was Invalid. Please help me to locate my missing items
picking up passengers coming in on southwest which terminal do I go to?
What Airport?
Took wrong snow board case need help to get mine and give Theres back
Contact the baggage office at the airport and airline where this happened.
I missed my flight and my bag was checked on the flight. Where do I go to pick up my bag when I arrive?
It should be in the baggage office of your airline. Contact your airline or look for its baggage office when you arrive.
how can i find out if my baggage will arrive at the final destination?
From your airline's baggage service line or baggage service office.