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What's the cost for baggages
what options do we have in dealing with a checked bag which may be refused on the whims of employees?Are we allowed the option to have it stored there a couple weeks upon return?
Is there a charge for carry on bag or extra suitcase?
what terminal is frontier airlines
My luggage did not get loaded on my flight so they sent it on another flight LH 482/06Nov. It was with Lufthansa. Their phone numbers do not work and they are closed Wednesday and Thursday at Tampa airport. How can I find out if my luggage is there and how do I get it?
Luggage didn’t arrive to carousel at San Fran from India had to catch flight home now I can’t find out where my luggage is. It was India air and its unreachable. Is there a holding desk for unclaimed luggage in San Francisco Airport
I was In Business Class in seat 8A on flight 751 from Tokyo to Hanoi. believe I either dropped the ring on the floor or in the bathroom area. I would very much like to find the ring.
Which Terminal does Southwest use?
I am taking taxi to the airport, are there baggage porters or handlers to help me check in
Luggage is no where to be found. She there I'm home in austin. Possible that it's just been misplaced?