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I was on a flight from JNB to O'Hare via AMS on KLM. I then had a connecting flight on Delta to my final destination, MSP. I did not know I had to retrieve my bag and check it in for the connecting flight (the tag listed AMS, ORD, MSP). I have filed a report for my lost bag with Delta and KLM. Is there anyone else I can contact at O'Hare to find my luggage? Even if they find my bag at O'hare would they ship it to MSP so I could retrieve it??
Yes, when KLM locates your bag they will ship it to MSP and deliver it.
hi our baggage should have been delivered yesterday, but it didn't. is there another try to deliver it, or do we have to pick it up? respectively when are the working hours to pick it up yourself?
This is, not any airline's website. You need to contact your airline.
I am checking to see if there is a prepaid debit card machine for United Arilines customers to exchange cash for plastics for their check-in luggages fees and is there any charges for?

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Most decent sized airports have them, but if you're worried just buy one at a drug store or convenience store before you go.
I was on Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) flight #781
Bag #675290
was lost on April 18th.
It never came on to the luggage carousel after arrival.
What is the status of the search?

This is, not any airport or airline's website. You need to contact UIA.
I have a hiking backpack with lots of straps that I'll be checking--are there bag-wrapping services to help protect it during transport?
Flying out of PDX on Delta -- didn't realize this wasn't airport specific!
The only mainland US Airport I'm aware of that has baggage wrapping is Miami.
Will be arriving from Iowa on 4-20-18 enroute to San Antonio. Do I need to claim my bag at terminal C and recheck it at terminal A, my fight out. I have a 50 minute layover?
What airport? What airlines are you flying?
I arrive at LAX Terminal 4 at 3pm, and have a layover of 9 hours, as my next flight is at mid-night. We have to collect our bags here. I read that there is an independent baggage storage (laxluggagestorage) near to the airport. Are there any luggage storage options in the airport?
No, there are no baggage storage facilities AT the airport.
Are there baggage carts available and can they be used on the sky trains
What airport?
Will be arriving in FCO on either KLM (from AMS) or Alitalia (from Paris),
can you tell me which terminals they use?
how many guns can you have in the same gun case. and can you have ammo with your guns.Thank you
Here are the full rules: There are no rules regarding multiple guns in the same case and ammo can be in the same case as long as it is .75 caliber or smaller or a shotgun shell.