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I wish to take a 1937 or older shotgun in case broken down to 3 different section to my son in Atlantic City when I go on a charter trip. Is this allowed?
Hi, I was traveling from Edmonton to Delhi on 15th of jan. My baggage was delayed and I received it yesterday. But items from bag are missing. This was so unethical behaviour that I experienced. When I called the respective department they denied by saying that they are not allowed to open any baggage. I was surprised from the response of the lady. She said we cannot do anything in this case. Just file your complaint online. Email id she provided me with was Invalid. Please help me to locate my missing items
picking up passengers coming in on southwest which terminal do I go to?
What Airport?
Took wrong snow board case need help to get mine and give Theres back
Contact the baggage office at the airport and airline where this happened.
I missed my flight and my bag was checked on the flight. Where do I go to pick up my bag when I arrive?
It should be in the baggage office of your airline. Contact your airline or look for its baggage office when you arrive.
how can i find out if my baggage will arrive at the final destination?
From your airline's baggage service line or baggage service office.
We arrived in Mumbai yesterday, flight KL 0877 departure Amsterdam 15/01. After transfer to Chennai I noticed that a darkblue sort of wallet probably slipped out of my handbag during the flight. I was seated row 35 chair E. The wallet contains travelling papers and what worries me most 2 VISA forms for Sri Lanka, which I really need.
I hope you can help me, I will pay for the cost you make if necessairy,
Kind regards Dedda Nijhoff

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My mother flies non rev. On January 12, she did not make her flight from Minneapolis to Tampa but her luggage did. She will not fly in until January 21. Is her luggage secure in storage until she arrives?
It's probably in the bag office of whatever airline she was supposed to fly with. It's as secure as it can be, but 9 days is a long time. You shouldn't non-rev with checked bags.
Thank you.
I was stuck on airport JFK NY for few days on the ,6th of January and my luggage (2 suitcases)) was first on terminal 4 than moved to terminal 2
I left JFK on 9th of January and my luggage should follow me all the way to final destination to EU. O arrived home with no luggage came few days latter and items from my suitcases were stolen all my presents for my family are gone all new items were stolen, just heartbreaking ! My suitcase was wrapped with plastic and secured I have stolen and damage new suitcases. Wanna know whom to talk shouldn't happen something like that.... employee on JFK should take care of property not take it away ... Why??? On web page is written 24/7 security. Ashame and sad. I am I Crew member 6 month Farr away from home and family. 😢
You need to contact your airline (which you didn't even mention the name of). This is
Still waiting for luggage (1 bag) that was delayed en route from Bangalore, India to Amsterdam on 1/12/18. Continued on trip to final destination, Boston, MA, arriving on 1/12/18. KLM staff in Amsterdam took the luggage tag, and were to send on the bag today, with home delivery. No word yet! Medicines/ clothing missing in below-freezing weather! Unable to reach anyone in baggage in Jet Air, KLM, or Delta! Please help!!
I'm sorry, but this is, not KLM. We don't know where your bag is.