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I am arriving from CLT tonight at 7:pm. My luggage came yesterday. Will you be open t onight when i return to Springfield so i can recover my luggage
will a double city select stroller be allowed at gate? or do i have to check it in at checked bags? folded measures, 32 inch (l) by 26 inch (w) by 13 inch (h) we will have a carry bag because seats and maybe a wheel or 2 need to be dismantled so the whole stroller will be in a carrying bag.
Missing 2 pieces of luggage at Orlando airport. Claim numbers 6279796972 and 6279796973. Jet Blue fly 969.
I will travel in Prestige , KE901 Feb 23. I am Flying blue Gold member, so I will have 3 registered baggages of 32kgs. Is it possible to book a fourth registered baggages? On line? at the airport? what will be the maximum weight 23 or 32 kgs? What will be the price?
Many thanks in adavance.
Excess baggage fees will be charged at the airport.
I am flying WestJet from YQR to Atlanta with a layover in Toronto. The first flight is WestJet. The connecting flight is WestJet operated by Delta. I clear customs in Toronto. Will I have to claim my bags or will they go straight through to Atlanta
They should go straight to Atlanta but they will tell you what to do in Preclearance in Toronto.
When I arrive at JFK, are there luggage carts on which to load my luggage going into the airport?
My new puppy is being shippped here on a commercial flight United. Where can I pick him up? Airport of some other cargo area? Thank you
What airport are you picking him up at?
I'm flying into Papete airport. I need to leave my surfboard. Is there storage at the airport for surfboard bags. If so what is the cost.

There is a baggage storage office in Papeete Airport, but I don't know if a surfboard is the standard rate or not. The storage office is located off the long hallway between the arrivals hall and the long-haul check-in desks.
Flying from Manchester England Virgin Atlantic Flight VS 109 and onward to Savannah Virgin Atlantic Flight VS 5267, will I have to claim my luggage at Atlanta or will it go straight thro' to Savannah. I have a 3 hour layover, will this be sufficient time. Any advice gratefully received.
Yes, in Atlanta you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and take the Plane Train to your departure concourse. You should have enough time. Note that the second flight will be operated by Delta.
Many thanks for your info ZAP you seem to know your stuff All the best and take care. Where will I find the re-check desk.
It's right after you clear customs.
Thanks once again ZAP you are a top man
Left my bag at the TSA checkpoint in the North Terminal in DTW flying with Southwest. Where is the Lost In found located at?