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On the day of 02/15/18. I arrived back into Nashville airport and my luggage was ripped
I understand that it could possibly dirty but ripped in two places. I’m very disappointed.
Hey there, I never got my bag after I came back from New Zealand and now I am in The US. I flew to Melbourne on Virgin Australia and them Flew to LAX and then IAD with United. United Called me yesterday morning and Told me that I can expect my baggage tonight. However, when I called united, they told me that my bag was still in MEL and that no one has tried to send it anywhere. Who can I call to make sure my bag gets home?/ can you help me? File ref # IAD47007M last name Margolis
Hi, I arrive at Logan on a UA flight at 4:15 p.m.
I must retrieve my bags, then check in with AC and fly out
at 6:30 p.m.
Will I have enough time from landing, then to baggage,and onto to AC

American Airlines in Cincinnati said they would forward our luggage to Dayton airport and that Dayton would call us when they have it. No one has called. How do I contact American Airlines to check if my luggage arrived? They did not give any numbers, contact info, nothing.
Contact them here -
Where is the Delta baggage office located? I need to pick up a lost item. Can I check in, then go to thE baggage office, then go back up to go through security?
What airport? Baggage offices are usually outside security.
New Orleans
Hi, Delta air line lost my bag and don´t know where is. It is possible that you have my bag in there, How I can know it? I don´t trust in delta employees, I believe that they don´t look good my bag, so I am trying to do it by myself, that why i am asking you.
This is - we don't have anybody's bag.
Help. What is local Gsp delta baggage phone number?
My luggage went from Atlanta to Las Vegas but I missed my flight. Flight NK805. Departing 9:16.PM Arriving. 10:52 PM. How do I get my bag back to Atlanta?
Contact Spirit baggage service.
Are there lockers for storing baggage? How much for a daily locker rental?
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea?
Flying GDL - MEX - SAT. Do all Volaris flights operate out of T1? Will 1 Hour 45 minute layover be sufficient? Thank You!
In Mexico City? Yes, all Volaris flights are in Terminal 1. You should have enough time.