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I was stuck on airport JFK NY for few days on the ,6th of January and my luggage (2 suitcases)) was first on terminal 4 than moved to terminal 2
I left JFK on 9th of January and my luggage should follow me all the way to final destination to EU. O arrived home with no luggage came few days latter and items from my suitcases were stolen all my presents for my family are gone all new items were stolen, just heartbreaking ! My suitcase was wrapped with plastic and secured I have stolen and damage new suitcases. Wanna know whom to talk shouldn't happen something like that.... employee on JFK should take care of property not take it away ... Why??? On web page is written 24/7 security. Ashame and sad. I am I Crew member 6 month Farr away from home and family. 馃槩
You need to contact your airline (which you didn't even mention the name of). This is
Still waiting for luggage (1 bag) that was delayed en route from Bangalore, India to Amsterdam on 1/12/18. Continued on trip to final destination, Boston, MA, arriving on 1/12/18. KLM staff in Amsterdam took the luggage tag, and were to send on the bag today, with home delivery. No word yet! Medicines/ clothing missing in below-freezing weather! Unable to reach anyone in baggage in Jet Air, KLM, or Delta! Please help!!
I'm sorry, but this is, not KLM. We don't know where your bag is.
Arriving from Japan, I have a surfboard in my luggage and need time to arrange pick up how many days to I have to pickup my surfboard?
It depends on the airline. Since it's international baggage it will be particularly tricky if you aren't around to retrieve it when you arrive.
I am scheduled to arrive on a United Airlines flight from Tel Aviv at EWR, Terminal B, at 5:00 pm, and then to depart from Terminal A, on an Air Canada flight for Toronto, at 6:50 pm. Will I have to claim my baggage, go through customs, etc., before being able to check in for my AC flight, and will I have enough time? Thanks.
Yes, you will have to do all of that. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Flying AA Flt#2064 from Austin, connecting to Flt#1797 to Durham, through Charlotte.
Arriving at 10:41 am departing at 11:20 am with 39 min gap.
Will checked luggage make it between equipment?
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Thanks much!!
Picking up an elderly relative who had hand surgery. She won鈥檛 be able to lift luggage off conveyor belt at baggage claim. Is there assistance at baggage claim to curb? Willing to pay for assistance.
What airport? Most airports do not have such a service. Perhaps she could just ask someone to help her get the bag off the belt.
She is coming into Atlanta Hartsfield. Not sure how much luggage. I can park in hourly and walk in and help her - it鈥檚 just that I also have my mom riding with me - and she can鈥檛 walk the in and back from baggage claim.
I have lost my camera bag (brown color) with a Nikon SLR camera and zoom lens at gate no 34 in Terminal 3 on the 8th of January 2018 while boarding EY224. Could you please help find the lost item.
This is not any airport or airline's website, but it would help if you posted what airport this even happened at.
This happened at Abu Dhabi airport.
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We arrive in Frankfurt from Salzburg on Lufthansa airline. Our flight out of Frankfurt is to Denver. Do we have to recheck our luggage and go thru Customs in Frankfurt.
No, all you have to do in Frankfurt is go through Schengen Exit Passport Control.
Thanks. Are you sure? Read somewhere that exception is if reboarding an international flight. Only have 1 hr 15 min. I鈥檓 so confused and getting ready to ditch my large bag, plus have 4 other family members who were going to check bags.
Salzburg to Frankfurt is basically considered a domestic flight since both airports are in the Schengen Area. You don't have to do anything with your bag in Frankfurt.
Since last Friday, I have been hunting after my suitcases that were dropped off at JFK late while the rest of us ended up in NJ due to the weather. I鈥檝e been calling up UIA plenty of times and they eventually told me that the baggage services of swissport was handling their luggage services. I鈥檝e been trying to call them but nobody ever picks up and they also don鈥檛 r spins to my voice messages. I鈥檝e been trying to find out where their baggage services are exactly located but can鈥檛 seem to be able to find out and neither do representatives of UIA seem to know. I would greatly apppreciate help finding out where their baggage services office is exactly located. Thanks!
Swissport handles dozens of foreign airlines at JFK and is trying to deal with hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of pieces of mishandled baggage due to the weather last week.
That is not the answer to my question, but thanks.