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Does this airport offer any options for holding baggage for an over the night stay at a stop, before boarding again for the next leg in the trip? We are an older couple, with sport equipment in 2 large suitcases, and two other large bags.
My father in-laws Suit case padlock cut off and two nos plates removed these were gifts they were souvenirs
Hello, I was in Hangzhou International Airport on October 13th around 11pm till 12 catching a flight to LAX on Sichuan airlines.
I lost a white PS Vita Slim.
If anyone has found it please let me know, thank you.
Hello, I was in Chengdu International Airport on October 13th for a transfer flight to Hangzhou.
I lost a white PS Vita Slim at some point.
If anyone has found it, please let me know, thank you.
Hello I lost a white PS Vita slim. I was at Kansai Airport from the 12 through the 13th waiting for my flight to Chengdu, China through Sichuan airlines.
If anyone has found it please let me know, thank you.
Baggage Handler Paul English, please have him contact me. Important message.
Home 605-787-9136
Cell 605-415-3434
Where do I call for help with luggage? I flew into phl on a Lufthansa flight and picked up a bag identical to mine. Who can I call at the airport to sort it out???
I was picking up a friend on Friday, October 11th at the curbside drop off pick up location and my Stephanie Johnson green and blue bag fell out did not realize. no name or travel info attached because I wasn't a passenger. How can I go about getting this back and seeing if it was even found?
After arriving from Kuala Lumpur we travelled onto Exeter and then found we were missing one case, but had a case belonging to somebody else. We have registered our missing case with Heathrow Airport, but have not heard anything. We are wondering what to do with the other case