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Where is it? Air Canada flight from Toronto.
Dear, my son landed this morning with the Flight JQ83 from Darwin Australia but he forgot to ask a visa and was immediately re send with a back flight to Darwin. He didn’t receive the permission to keep his lugage. Could you please, reply to me to know how recuperate his bag? He was traveling in Australia from October 2017 and have all his clothes and souvenirs. Thank you for your help. I send a message to the Belgian consulate in Darwin too. My phone number is 0032496525296. Best regards. Thierry Castermans rue de Patruange 14 1315 Roux-Miroir Belgium
Yesterday I boarded an Etihad flight from Abu Dhabi to Amman at around 9:30AM. I happened to lose my duty free bag in the waiting area at the flight's boarding gate 15 terminal 1. I tried calling the airport's lost and found services but there has been no answer and I don't know what to do. I at least want to give my contact information in case it has been found, that's if it hasn't been found already. What do I do?
Could you please send me the phone number of the airport?
How do I find where my luggage is? Last night i was in anamerkcan airlines flight that was delayed.. so I missed my connecting flight and had to stay the night in Dallas. Would my bags be out on my new connecting flight tonight, or do I have to pick them up somewhere and re check them?
Dear Customer Service,

I was used to travel un sunday from Barcelona to paris Orly airport departutre time at 7 am arrival at 8:45. Unforutantely I couldn't take the flight but my hand baggage was sent to Orly.

could you contact me on 0632491168 in order to see how can I pick up my luggages.

my name is kocharyan lena
my 2 black luggages ended at Boston luggae claim area but I could not fly to Boston becasue of AA planes ( 3 in the same day) mechanical failures . Agents sent 3 messages to luggage claim people in Boston and and many calls are made. Still no record. How can I get my luggages back?
If we miss a flight to Jacksonville and need to pick up bags, can we come to the claim area and do so?
Hi, we have two delayed bags that didn´t make the connection from Dallas to Denver, American Airlines carousel number 17.
I reported the bags bur I didn´t get my reference number for neither of the bags. (I gave them my address and I was told they would arrive at 8 am).
Can you please give me the tracking numbers?
My bag numbers are:
AA 157051
AA 157054
Thank you
I like to know is a direct phone number, that someone is going to answer, regarding retrieving my bag that went on a flight and I didn’t. Also, where can I park temporary to retrieve said bag
why is the las vegas aiport so slow on getting the baggage from the plane to baggage claim areas? i travel frequently and las vegas is the slowest airport i have ever been to on baggage claim. and i am not the only person complaining, i have waited up to two hours one time and the average wait is 45 minutes. WHY?? Good thing i live here, i would hate to have a connecting flight.