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My entire luggage has been lost or misplaced by the baggage handlers. My flight was from Naples to Barcelona Yesterday. Please advise if the loading of my luggage would have been under camera surveillance during the loading process at Naples Airport and also when luggage arrives at Barcelona Airport
How early must I arrive to check luggage for the domestic leg of an international trip. GSP to Houston to Hong Kong.
Trying to figure out what to do. I was rebooked on a later flight but my baggage went on the earlier flight. Where will it be when I finally get to Boston?
Where do I get info on my delayed baggage
Hey guys !

Anyone knows how to reach Copa airlines baggage claim ? I forgot an item on the plane. Any phone number I can call ?

Why is it taking 3 days to reclaim luggage lost? I’ve filled out appropriate forms and been dialling numbers given to me numerous times and leaving answer phone messages with no response. Why is no one responding or getting in contact?
Same here. No response and no contact. I have called the number and updated info and the information changes depending on whom you are dealing with. I am considering calling the attorney general. Not very good practices and procedures !

I have Lost my Laptop in Kuwait Airport security check on 31.05.2019.
Pls could you help me out to find out
In what terminal do I check in my bulky preregister baggage at Dulles airport?
My son flew to Madrid May 29 and his bag is still stuck in Charlotte. Is there a direct phone number for Charlotte Baggage Claim, or Charlotte American Airlines Baggage?