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What is the phone number for Southwest Airline Baggage claim
What are the hours of the baggage service office?
my client flew to halifax from tel aviv via vienna and montreal. his suite case did did reach montreal. never recieved any document for this. who can help, who can i call?
What is the number to international baggage claim
Where will baggage pickup be for our relatives flying in from Munich on DL 131 on August 8? Is it the same location - South Terminal - or is there a different location for international flights? I know when driving to ATL there's a different exit for international vs. domestic.
I need to see if they have gotten my bag in- Was supposed to come from Ohare (ORD) Had checked it in in Ohare-then flight was canceled and I was booked on AA to get to Little rock- they said my bag would still need to come on an available United flight-
i Travel from Copenhagen to Bergen and my baggage was missing and they deliver next day but its was Broken both Handles & wheels. so how i have to claim for this baggage damage.?
Does Lubbock Airport offer plastic wrapping for luggage?
hi all, please help me finding my suitcase, big gray roller Samsonite with pink TSA lock which may already lost tag (DL7006651924). was checked in LAX then miss tracing. the Tag on suitacase was written "WANG PENG, +86 18018630505" please connect with me if anyone found, I appreciate it.
nobody found? how it can be lost in such efficient airport?
I lost my baggage by delta shipping in LAX July 2nd, Delta airline tracking info shows baggage was checked in in LAX then disappear. anyone can be connected for checking this topic? My lost luaggage is gray roller samsonite.
Did you find your bag finally? Mine was missing two days ago in IAD...