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Tele # to call for lost bags at AMERICAN airline
What baggage claim is delta flight 376 at?
Good afternoon, I left a packet from Duty Free with two boxes of Clinique cream on the plane. I ask to clarify whether it was found? and if found, how can I get it?
Flight HO1608 19G 01/01/2020
What gate does American eagle fly into and where is baggage claim coming from southwest airlines
My luggage that got lost outside the US has made it finally to SFO according to the airline that lost it. Now I do not know if that gets shipped to the address I gave them in the claim or if I should go to SFO to pick it up. Anyone or any number where I can call to?
Hi Dear my name N Mervari I've been in (Ankara) airlines on 10/04/2019, My flight was delayed and suddenly I was asked to run to get onboard-and I made my flight, but I missed my Driver license also my ID indefinite please let me know about that.
Best regards
hi I've been in airport Ankara from 10 of April 2019 actually I lost my ID and of that also I lost my driver lances in the airport please if you can I need help
Flooring inspection in Utah. I leave on the 9th early. My tools include: Moisture Meters; a box knife; tape measures x 2; square; pick & flat bry tools; small magnets; laser level; & flash light x3. ?? best way to pack these tools.

who can I contact to find my luggage?
What is the Policy for lost items on American Airlines