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Dear Sir/Madam,
Thanks for reading my letter. My full name is TRAN QUYNH ANH UONG, from Viet Nam. Last month, I traveled to Debrecen to study abroad, however on my way, I left my black bag with an Acer laptop in Doha airport (transit airport to Budapest). I was announced that you had found it and sent it to Budapest airport 2 weeks ago, after that, we had an appoinment but I miss it, my apologise! Therefore, I'm going to Budapest airport to take my laptop tomorrow, so I wonder if your office will open or not.
Many thanks!
Does the office Lost and Found open on Saturday?
can you please tell me what airlines flys from the phillipins to the Chicago ohare. please help me find out ok god bless you scott
Hello I have lost my sunglasses at September 30th 2018. It’s a black one, Carolina Lemke Berlin. Maybe someone has found it and bring it back? Thanks a lot.
Do American airline flights arrive and depart from same terminal for domestic flights
Hi Guys, I can t get through to you. But i left my grey laptop case and laptop inside at security yesterday. Please can someone confirm that it is still there.

Many Thanks
Does srq have a scale in the airport?
I'm going to travel from the Dominican Republic to Newark (EWR), when I pick up my bags (they do not have wheels) is there something to put them on and be able to move easily to the exit?
Yes there are free baggage carts in Newark International Airport (EWR) baggage claim area.
Hello, I'll be traveling really soon to JFK airport from Dominican Republic, i want to know all i have to do when i get off the plane... other thing, what's the fee of a baggage cart in JFK?
My sister and I had a flight from Boston to Istanbul via Turkish airlines. As during the trip we lost our passports, as soon as we get a call they are found we went to Portland, Maine. We left our 5 laggages with our friend (colors:gold, dark blue, black, redish orange and a small black one). So, we couldn’t make it and catch the flight. I would like to know who should I contact in order to found our bags. Thank you!
Lost camera 29/9 flight SK687. Seat 09E. Name of my client/the passenger: Hans Björkman. What number do I call to get help with this lost item?
This might help -
Why does baggage claim in terminal A take forever? Doesn’t seem to matter what airline you fly or what time you fly at, it always takes forever.
SDF is one of the worst Baggage Claim sections of any airport in the United States.
Sloppy handling, Long waits for luggage, Never get the overhead readings correct
about where luggage is coming from. When you talk to SDF they just pass it off to the airlines.
It seems they should take the responsibility, but they will not.