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When you come in on a United flight in Terminal C and your connecting flight is on Delta from Terminal B, do you re-check your bags in Terminal C or Terminal B?
Since United and Delta don't transfer bags, you will have to take them to Delta's check in desk which is presumably in Terminal B (you didn't post what airport you're talking about).
Thanks. It was EWR.
I will need help getting my luggage and getting a cab. Is that possible?
What airport? Why do you need help? Are you disabled?
I have COPD and will be traveling with a couple of medical devices: Portable oxygen concentrator, carry on, 1 checked suitcase. This will be at LaGuardia. I cannot walk very far unaided and particularly carrying things. I cannot use stairs. I will need to get from the plane to the baggage area, get my suitcase and then outside to catch a cab.
I did not make the flight to San Juan airport but my luggage went thru. We missed the cruise so I need my luggage returned to DFW airport in Dallas, Texas. How do I get it sent back thru American airlines. What is the process for this?
This is, nobody here can help you. You need to contact american Airlines baggage services.
I lost my bag and wooden mobile the bag put in a cotton logo bag and there are put in a clear shopping bag
You didn't indicate where this happened or on what airline.
Does the iFly carryon luggage meet Air Canada carry on specifications?
This is, an informational website. The luggage company's website is

Can you please provide me the exact dimensions of the underseat luggage for following airlines as I cannot find clear answers:
1) DBA Delta Connections operated by Skywest
2) PSA airlines as American Eagle

Is only 1 personal item allowed that must go under the seat or can overhead space be used and what are these dimensions too?

Thanks for helping,
Both of those airlines operate multiple aircraft with different underseat and overhead bin sizes. It depends on the exact aircraft type what the underseat and overhead bin sizes are.

I would like to know how I can get my baggages that arrived in Newark by the flight AA1851. This flight was delayed 2 times, then it came back to Charlotte and finally I catch a flight to NY. There I didn't had the time to get my baggage and check-in for my flight to Barcelona. I took the flight without my baggages with my 8years old son. I should mention that my initial flight should have brought me to NY at the morning and the next flight was scheduled for 11PM so I should had plenty of time. But with all the delayed and cancelled flights I arrived at 10:19PM from Charlotte.
Some peolple told me to get my baggages later. I'm now in Barcelona but I have no idea how to get my baggages.
Please can you help me?
Contact American Airlines baggage services. This is
I have lost a black mens Buffalo hockey academy jacket on a sunwing flight Feb 27. I may have left in the overhead storage bin. Do you have a lost and found.
This is not Sunwing or any airport's website. This is
I am arriving from Hawaii via United Airlines at 5 am. I will grabmy luggage and will need to meet a friend who is arriving from Houston around 10 am. Although I am willing to wait, does luggage claim have aunited club or seating or restaurants?
what airport?
6:00am flight terminal 3/Delta Airlines/Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Do skycaps work at 4:40-5:00 am
When would baggage check desks open?
Yes, of course the regular baggage desks will be open. I don't know if the skycaps will be present.