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I’ve been waiting all day for my baggage.
Arrived at 9:45and still no no baggage?
You will need to contact the airline directly. They have a process for tracking down lost luggage.
My uncle flew with Korean Air on Sep 9, 2018. He was sick on the Airplane when he was arrived Incheon airport they sent him to the hospital and he couldn’t continue to his destination because of his illness so they send him back to USA. He passed out and didn’t know anything on his way back to the US. When he got home he lost everything his baggage and backpack. So how can we find his baggage?? I think it still left in LAX please help
Kalispera! 25 September air race SU 2127 16.40 to Moscow, after passing security control lost 1 cabinsize suitcase, red Samsonite, in wine-red textile cover. Lost approximately at 16.00 just after the security control or in Duty free shop. It contains documents for my name and my family. Please tell where to request it, telephone or e-mail? Need it very much!
lost my black hand bag Nike in heathrow terminal 5, containing my ugandan passport, NI card, Provision driving liecence and other documents, how can I do to get it. thanks
When I cleared customs in FLL from Aruba do I have to exit the airport and recheck my bag for my flight to PHL?
Were can you check your bags at the rental car garage
I have flight 24 september from ford walton to New York. I have 2 suitcases so that ı want to learn how much money will ı pay for my suitcases. Thank you.
Please check with your airline for baggage fees. They will list these fees on their website.
Lufthansa international terminal curbside checkin?
Is there curbside baggage checkin available for departure?
Trying to reach the Baggage Service Center at F Concourse. My bag was delayed and I wanted to see if I could get it sent to chattanooga where I live.