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I like to know is a direct phone number, that someone is going to answer, regarding retrieving my bag that went on a flight and I didn’t. Also, where can I park temporary to retrieve said bag
why is the las vegas aiport so slow on getting the baggage from the plane to baggage claim areas? i travel frequently and las vegas is the slowest airport i have ever been to on baggage claim. and i am not the only person complaining, i have waited up to two hours one time and the average wait is 45 minutes. WHY?? Good thing i live here, i would hate to have a connecting flight.
I missing my flight because weather delay.
My all carrier sent to LGA airport it is already arrived there. And
I will go Newwark Airport with another flight and will be 1:30 AM and I will go LGA UBER to get my carrier. Is this possible to get my carrier on 2AM??? is somebody work there still??
I’m waiting for a family member to arrive on a later flight, what happens to my baggage if I don’t get it right away at baggage claim?
Baggage missing where is the airport Allegiant Baggage Service Office at Cincinnati airport
Not able to find out baggage.
Does all baggage arriving at SeaTac picked up at the main terminal?
While going through security, my passport holder was misplaced with the baggage claim ticket inside. Is it still possible to collect my baggage at jfk where they routinely check claim tickets to ensure you get your bag?
My baggage has not arrived at my house yet was told it was in the van that delivered my friends yesterday they gave driver directions to my house I stood in my driveway and as he flew down the street and turned the wrong way twice never saw him again. I have not heard anything about my luggage from American or the airport like I was told I would Please let me know something?
hi, i have lost my wallet its a brown michael kors wallet