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My son left a special item to him in the airport a few hours ago and he is devastated. Does anyone know who I can contact to find it?
possibly lost the item near gate 6 somewhere in the seats ,or maybe inside airplane too.
Is it true under the disability act that you can take a cpap machine and there is no charge for it and it is not a carry on?
I received my luggage from the airport and it came with a broken handle (even though it was fine when I checked it in). I had to buy a new bad because I could not use this one anymore. Can I file a claim for this??
You usually do that at claim desk as soon as you pick up your luggage. Call and see now what you can do
Arriving from USA in early morning and not being picked up until late afternoon . Question, can we pick up our luggage
and then wait in the DAN Lounge ?
I am traveling to Phoenix and back and then to Austin, TX. I would like to store a bag for Austin at the Airport when I leave for my Phoenix trip. I only have a short time between arriving back from Phoenix and departing for Austin on another airline.
Hi I was traveling to delhi on feb 09 2020. But I did not get my baggage should I found my baggage
I left bag at airport. The email address I have ( comes back as not a valid email. How do I get to the airport lost and found?
How do I find out if my bag has arrived. Tag #BA240332. Flight no.AA 5157
Lost baggage how can find