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Trying to get an update on my baggage
What is the procedure for luggage that is lost. Napoli Airport
It’s an American tourister trolley of 55 cm , Maroon colour. Please help me to find my baggage. I borded in Air India,5pm DELHI TO CHENNAI Flight

My boyfriend lost his cap (blue and a bit red, brand: distorted people) on Friday 7.9. at the airport.
He thinks that he lost it at the security check, his flight was GA626.
I really hope that someone found it so he could get it back on Friday when he flights home, than he will be at the airport again.
Can you please help me ?
I left kindle in front wallet of 5B/5C arrived Izmir 1900 on 8.9.18 Did anyone find it ??
Wondering how early baggage can be checked. If a flight on United leaves at 4 PM, can baggage for that flight be checked in around noon?
We arrived September 01st flight number
AZ 628 from Rome to Chicago with Alitalia
I went to claim the bags at there counter and no one was there and we were told they are there only when they have a flight
Please help me with any information how I contact this company to claim my 2 bags
How I reach Alitalia to claim my bags that I didn’t get all the numbers that I have no one will ever answer the phone or call us back
It is been 4 days now without any luck contacting the company
Hi, I traveled from Monterey Airport on 31/08/18 flight to lax at 1328, my baggage has not yet reached, it should have transited at LAX and CDG. I’m worried. It’s still being traced. If you can help please.
What are the American Airlines baggage claim office hours?