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How far in advance of flight time can baggage be checked
What airport? What airline?
What terminal is spirit airline located and can i check bag at the curb
What airport?
We have 5 people arriving on different airlines, and we’re supposed to meet in terminal A baggage claim. Is there an easy way to go between the baggage claims between the terminals?
What airport?
Newark —thank you for asking, as I didn’t realize this forum included information about all airports.
After you collect your bags you can go up a few levels to the airtrain - it connects all terminals outside security.
i lost my dell e6410 (without battery) before boarding a flight to Bankok in Feb 2018 . I was wondering if the lost & found would have it in the domestic terminal. I mhave tried contacting directly but the webpage is temporarily suspended .
I missed my flight to Florida. however, my baggage was on the plane going to Philadelphia. how do I get my baggage? can I reschedule my trip with no additional cost?
You have to contact your airline.
Flying from Kuala Lumpur today (04.04.2018) with OD504 , we forgot to pick up from the language belt one of our checked baggages. We don’t know who we suppose to contact except Malindo Airways, which we already did.
The lost and found side is suspended, so no idea what to do...
I took a flight in Dec. 2017 from PWM to SBY.My carry on was checked at the door of the plane instead of being stored in an overhead bin.Is that still the practice ? I am taking that same flight tomorrow.
It depends on the plane. If it's the same plane then yes, that's still the practice. The reason is that the overhead bins are too small.
How long can you leave luggage in left luggage and what are the costs
What airport?
My suitcase was damaged upon arrival to SFO and airline SAS requests I get an 'irregularity report number' from SFO in order for a reimbursement to go through. How do I get this number?? Thank you for assistance!!
This is not the airport's website.
In August I am flying Dublin- Atlanta - Punta cana with delta and from previous experience I have no issues they checked our baggage straight through. We cleared customs in Dublin and just had to wait around for our next flight.
Coming home I am flying punta Cana - atlanta- Dublin all with delta again! All going to plan our flight arrives at 18:00 and we then fly to Dublin at 20:07. Now I’ve done This flight before last year and we didn’t recheck our bags in Atlanta just cleared customs and security and somehow our bags were in Dublin when we got home.

My question is can you ask for your bags to be transferred through to the final destination with delta? Is there international to international transfer!

If anyone knows more on this please help! Even if all our flights and connections are on time I don’t think my connection time of two hours is enough to recheck bags, customs and get through security!

Thanks :)
Yes, Delta has international to international baggage in Atlanta where you don't have to claim your bags when making such a connection. You will still have to go through Immigration, Customs, and Security. You should have enough time.
Thank you so much for getting back!
I get serious anxiety around anything with airports!!
Mind is at ease now :)