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I was on the final Air Canada flight on Sunday YVR--->PDX. I was one of 8 people on board and one of three who did not receive their baggage at PDX. I am guessing they got held up in customs? Not sure. Air Canada is closed and non responsive. i am in need of advice.
Did you get your bag back.
I flew out of Ben Gurion airport on the 23/3/20 on a direct flight to London Heathrow. My bag also went missing. It still cannot be located and is considered lost
my luggage is being sent on a separate flight and is set to arrive at jfk today at 3:30.

the flight is IB 6251 arriving JFK at 3:30. I live in Boston. Is there a way to have someone else pick it up for me I can send them a picture of my baggge claim number and my ticket it is on
We missed our flight. Can someone else scoop up our baggage if they have our claim ticket number?
Lost small black Sony Cybershot camera in a black fabric case. It's possible that it was left on the flight, but also could have been lost in Terminal 2 of Osaka Kansai on March 10. We're currently unable to call the Airport, but can be contacted on
I want to update about my lost baggage last march-7-2020
I Called thousand times to india airport but NOBODY replied on time. I lost my phone after 2 days continued calling
I've had my baggage shipped directly from LIS to LGA. I have a layover in Montreal and will be missing my flight to LGA. I plan on driving to LGA rather than wait for another flight. What hours can bags be picked up under such circumstances?
Hi: I need to report 5 items missing from my luggage and need notification that you have received this so I can then send a claim to my insurance company.
Thanks Bonnie
Missing bag red Ned duffle bag
Has 1 pair gray men’s shoes n 1 pair ladies slippers and clothes
Arrived from Puerto Rico jet blue
Carousel I believe it was carousel 5
Flight 1034
Please call 954-816-7801
I left a grey bag carryon size in front of Terminal A level 2, by door 4. It has a colorful tag with name of Michael Kafer. Tag #4001 476 326. I left it there around 3:30 Pm. It should be fairly light as there isn’t too much in there