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please send me a link for producing the label and pay for the shipment of item19-3459 ( a mini I-Pad) to Israel
looking for my lost baggage. SAS claim number BOSSK10491, baggage claim no. 0117 SK 930228. It has been 8 days. On June 30 the bag with in Copenhagen and would be on next flight to Boston. Please email me or call me at 207-864-3510

My bag did not arrive with me at san francisco airport from flight MT2704 on 6th July. I was not given a tracking ref. Bag tag is 0727MT289406.
Please help me.
Do you have curbside check in?
What is the best way to fly back to Wyoming on Delta with Salmon fillets??? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks
Is the lost luggage office open today?
How do I get my bag when it arrived yesterday and I am arriving today due to a cancellation of the flight?
Norwegian Air has lost my nephew's bag. He flew on a nonstop to London Gatwick but the conveyor belt was broken. 5 DAYS later, they still can't tell me where the bag is and our holiday is now OVER! He is returning to Logon today.
My great niece who is 7 left her pink backpack with the letter A on it in the tram to the baggage claim today. It was from a Delta Flight. She had her very special monkey lovey in it. She is devastated. Please please someone find it and turn it into Lost and Found.
Thank you.
I am travelling with my wife, who is on a wheelchair. Is there a service for taking passengers and 4 pieces of luggage from Montreal hotel to the airport for check-in?