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My bag is in SPIRIT AIR unclaimed baggage in LAS and did not get flown to PDX with me?I NEED CONTACT NUMBER of baggage claim person there to give my Claim number to hv it put on next flight 12-25 -19 It is 5:30 LV time now PlsANY INFO!?
Hello! I lost my bag on my flight. It contained Snus, a bok, and medicin-creme on flight DY7205 with Norwegian. Have you received anything? Can you help me please? Best regards Alexandra Thunberg
Lost black backpack across JetBlue D8 gate it contains 2 computers please help
Hi my name shally kaur i was coming Chicago airport from India
My baggage delay that time so he give to me report no
Today i called about my baggage he said i send to them grand Rapids airport pls let us know my phone number 5164501890
My family and I flew into Nashville on Sunday the 22nd. My daughter lost my sons small red Lighning McQueen Mini bookbag. In the front zipper part has my kids school pictures (3x5) in the inside was a bunch of snacks. it would be awesome to get my kids school pictures back!!!
I checked a bag in pdx that was searched by TSA. A note was left. I am now missing a new pair of sunglasses, underwear & socks! Did they fall out during search, or stolen? Whom do I contact?
Does anyone know the local contact number for aer Lingus baggage. A bag was left behind and need to speak to aer Lingus luggage.
How long will luggage claim hold our luggage until we are able to pick up
If I have a bag lost for some time who do I talk to?