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I was told that we can have our luggage "wrapped" for international travel. Is that an option and how much does it cost.
What airport?
Flying out of Charlotte Douglas International to Israel
There is no such service in Charlotte.
I'm flying on Delta airlines from Monterrey to Montreal in a couple weeks with a stop and change of plans in Atlanta. I have 2h45m between flights. Will I have to claim my bag, go through customs and check in again? Or will it be a simple change of planes as my final destination is Montreal and I'm not changing airlines?
You will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. You should have enough time.
My daughter is arriving on flight# AA365 at 7.34pm today from Chicago. She flew to Chicago fm Manchester UK but her luggage was not at Chicago. Please tell me if her luggage will be arriving at LaGuardia?
I can't tell you that. This is You need to contact American Airlines.
We did not report the damaged suitcase at the airport immediately (as we just wanted to get out and go home) - now I want to fill out the paperwork and I will need a file reference number from the Boston Baggage service center - can I call them by phone ? We are 2 hours away from Logan airport
Baggage damage reports go to your airline, not the airport.
I’m flying AA from JAN to DFW. It says my arrival gate is B17 and my baggage gate is B20. Does that mean I need to claim my bag and recheck it? My connecting flight from DFW is in terminal C to DEN. I’ve never seen that before, in regard to the baggage gate, and it’s confused me a bit.
You don't have to do anything with your checked baggage in DFW. Baggage gate is an oddity of DFW because it was designed so that each gate would have its own baggage claim but then they added more gates to Terminal B, so now there's more gates than baggage claims so AA lists which gate's baggage claim a flight into B uses.
I just want to know how many pounds are allowed in the airplane. And how much you guys charge for extra pounds . Thanks
This is - you need to contact YOUR AIRLINE.
I flew from Southwest Airlines from Newark Airport to Chicago Midway and i lost my ID at the Newark Airport. My flight number was 945 departing at 3:15 PM. Im pretty sure i left it at the boarding pass station. What do i do?
I am travelling U tied Airlines from Dulles to Newark, then BA to Heathrow. Can I check my bags right through from Washington to London?
If you have two separate tickets you will have to claim your bags in Newark, take them to Terminal B on the AirTrain and re-check them with British Airways, then go through security and to your departure gate.
I flew in last night to CVG from Barcelona (VIA CDG). 1 of my 2 bags arrived, but the "special baggage" - a large, tubular shaped bag was not there. The tag number was 538842, the ORIGINAL flight was CDG AF1149. We missed this connection, and were re-routed through Detroit. I can't find you number to call...can you advise?
You need to call Delta Air Lines baggage service.
How many pounds are allowed??
Again, you have to contact your airline. This is
I will meet a friend in the baggage claim location so we can take a cab together. She will arrive on jfk on feb 17 2018 at 6:45 am on a Delta Flight 1155. Her flight is from SFO to JFK. Please advise the baggage claim for this Delta Flight.
She will use one of the domestic baggage claims in Terminal 4. I don't know which one. Do you have any other question?
I am going to fly from Rdu to jfk. Please advise which baggage claim I will use
It will be on the monitor when you arrive.