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Please. I lost my Nintendo Switch in a blue and grey case at terminal 34 by the side ways facing TV. I left it charging. It was a birthday present and was new. Can you please let me know if it has been found around that area. It was around terminal 34 and 33 in international departures. I have spoken with Thai Lion air and they've said that they will look, but I can't tell you how important this item is to me. Please return it and I will be so grateful.
how do i ck in & get boarding pass?
Contact your airline. This is, not any airline or airport's website.
Can I bring my Bose Speaker in my carry on going to USA then to Mexico
Yes, as long as it fits, why not?
I will be traveling on Friday from BHM to DUS connecting in ATL. Will I have to collect my baggage in ATL to have it transferred to my international flight? All flights are on Delta.
Your bags will be transferred for you on the way to Dusseldorf. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
And on the return? Flying from Amsterdam into ATL again on Delta. Do I only have to get my bags in ATL on the return before heading to BHM?
Yes, on your way back to Birmingham, in Atlanta, you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate on the Plane Train.
I am flying to go to a hunting trip, I would like to know if I can carry on a safety harness and a life line inside of my carry on bag.
Yes, as long as neither has any sharp blades (I can't see why either would), you can put them in your carry on.
i wanted to know do you provide baggage wrapping service at the airport, and is it available at 6 am on sunday.
This is, not any airport's website. What airport are you talking about anyway?
Ohh m sorry... I wanted to know about bjx Airport guanajuato Mexico
What form of payment to you accept for Baggage Fees instead of a credit card? Do you accept Travelers Checks (USA Traveler's Checks)? Debit Card? Cash?
Thank you for your help.
What airline? What airport? This is - not any airline's website.
I lost my camera at Moscow at Airport SHEREMETYEVO TERMINAL F on dated 25 th of October.
Kindly help me find it.
Camera model CANON IXUS 860 IS
We missed our connecting flight from Mexico City to Ohare today but our checked bags still made it. We are getting a new flight that arrives tomorrow morning but I am wondering where we can get our bags since they will arrive well before us? Please email a response at your earliest convenience to Thank you!
You need to contact your airline. This is, not your airline.
Cellphone lost in security check No.2 at the Chicago ORD terminal No.1. Whether I will get back?
This is - you need to contact the airport lost & found.