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We missed our connection to dfw in Atlanta. I understand my luggage went on to dfw.
We are being rerouted thru Oklahoma City and will be renting a car to get to our Dallas hotel.
Can I get you to deliver my suitcase to the hotel? It would save lots of anguish and time. Pretty please?
This is not any airline or airport's website. You need to contact your airline.
I am Traveling out of the States for Xmas am I able to pack in my suitcase a bottle of Brandy for a Gift I am going to Europe
Checked bag: Yes, Carry on bag: No
Thanks That is a big help keep up the great job your doing Ray
I will be carrying on a picture on my flight. What are the size dimensions allowed?
Hello! My huspand's baggage was delayed. He had to leave to go to work to a cruise ship before he could get his bag back. He is due to come to San Juan on Saturday. Where in San Juan airport can he find his bag, that should be at the airport? Thank you.
It should be in his airline's baggage office.
While these employees are employed by the airport, not the airline-which is my understanding, is it appropriate for an employee to explain to a first time skycap user they work for tips after check bags in and being handed their baggage claim ticket?
I found it very rude and offensive to be honest. I was informed this is akycap service and we work for tips here followed by a long stare. Then explained in the future I could check my bag in at the airlines and use their services.
Seems to me one should be thankful for a job at all and doing the job rather than focused on tips.
If they work for tips they are well within their right to tell you so. If you don't want to tip them, don't use them.
1. Do y'all offer free military dependent luggage if they have an I.d.

2. In moving to Hawaii so I will have a lot of luggage, is there a limit on how many suit cases I am have?

3. Since I'm moving im afraid my luggage will be overweight, what are your policies in overweighted luggage? Is there just an overage fee or wil yall not allow it at all?
This is not any airline or airport's website. You need to contact your airline.
I booked my trip online and where do I get my boarding pass? I don't have it in my email confirmation. Do I get it at the airport ? If so where? Also can I take my CPAP machine on the airline? It's for sleeping.
What airline are you flying? Yes, you can take a CPAP machine on an airplane.
Hello, my friend Geerevan Maharaj lost a bag in the Newark Airport Train Station number 4 some time between 1:00pm to 2:30 pm on Saturday 26th August 2017. The bag was magenta colored and it contained a silver lenovo laptop in a black case, a ps4, one of the other sections had chargers, a laptop mouse, chips ahoy, and some personal documents. If found please tell me so I can inform my friend, he needs his stuff to go back to University of Pennsylvania
Bag drop, I'm stopping in a hotel night b4 in Manchester, can I bag drop night b4?
No, every airport and airline I'm aware of requires you to check your bag the same day you're traveling.
Temp and handicap parking is the only way to pick up our Handicap loved ones and their baggage?
Sorry left out which airport... LaGuardia airport