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this is my first flying, my boyfriend purchased my ticket so I had a question, whats the limit on baggage he told me 2 bags and a carryon. But if thats incorrect I wont have money to pay for the extra bag. please help
Where are you flying from and to and on what airline?
from spokane washington to denver colorado
What airline?
I didn't think this trip through before I booked the reservations, so now I'm realizing there is a potential difficulty - and I fly out tomorrow!

(There's a complicated backstory for this - basically, I'm making a one-way trip to purchase a vehicle in Texas, but I need to bring two checked bags.)

I'm flying out of Detroit, and my destination is Austin. I had a Spirit Airlines credit expiring soon, so I booked a Spirit flight from DTW to DFW, planning to connect on a separate ticket. I bought a Basic Economy American Airlines fare from DFW to AUS... The thing is, at the time I didn't realize how much of a process it would be if I checked bags - I have to leave the secure area to get to baggage claim (Terminal E), get over to Terminal A, re-check my bags, and get back through security... all in 64 minutes!

I have long legs and can walk fast, but still... seems like I did a number on my own plans here by making that second flight so close. Anybody have helpful thoughts or a potential solution? I appreciate it!
Do a same day change on your American flight when you check in to a later flight. There will be a fee, but it's your only way, other than buying a different flight to Austin.
About how long does it take to retrieve one's bags from the baggage claim area once the plane has landed?
What airport? What airline? Where are you flying from?
Do you need a coin to use a baggage trolley and if so, which coin?
What airport?
Sorry, I noticed I hadn't put the airport as soon as i posted! It's Atlanta
You can pay with a credit card or US Dollar Bills.
Thanks ZAP
My flight is GF 0155 Mla to BAH then GF510 BAH to DXB my baggage was lost yesterday 8/21/2017 (2015/8:15PM) and untill now i didint get any feedback where is my luggage can any one answer me please.

Passenger name:
Denie G. Salazar
050-8496700- Cristy Salazar
Report no:DXBGF40359
You need to contact Gulf Air.
Eclipse traffic making me late. How late will Delta accept luggage at Hartsfield?
45 minutes prior to departure is the cutoff.
Where is curbside baggage skycap podium located at fll airport?
In front of the doorways for your airline at the terminal they use. Not every airline has them.
Hi there,

I am flying London to Charlotte on 10/21, on AA 731, can someone help me to understand how many jetways will be connected to the plane and whether they are at the front, middle or back of the plane? Just curious as I am connecting with three young children and want to get off the plane as soon as possible to get to Immigration in good time.
There will likely be just one and it will likely either be at the very front or near the front of the plane.
I miss my flight from Mexico City to San Jose CA I was found out my baggage is at LAX airport how long do I have to claim my baggage or what can I do since I'm still try to when a flight to USA
Looking to see if luggage is there in San juan
You have to contact your airline. This is not the website of any airline or airport.