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Are there luggage lockers available in the Bremen airport?
We are to pick up a bird at the united baggage counter. where is it located
What airport?
пропал багаж где искать7
What are the fees for luggage weight of more than 20kgs on FARE PLUS from Porto to Orly
It's probably on your airline's website. This is - not your airline's website.
I came in from St Petersburg to JFK with a connection in Milan. My baggage did not make it on the flight to JFK from Milan on Alitalia. I have called their lost and found many times with no answer. I was not given a lost baggage file number when I arrived and reported the baggage missing. I was just given a phone number which has not been answered. I can not track it on line because I do not have a file number. Any suggestions? I live up state but will go to JFK if they will let me look at the bags that have been left so I can identify it. Help!
Alitalia isn't exactly known for their customer service. You'll just have to keep calling them.
I was traveling on7/26/17 from Philadelphia to Atlanta but when I got to Atlanta my baggage was no where to be found I went the baggage claim they couldn't find my bags so I filed a claim. But I juust wanted to make that I didn't leave it a Philadelphia airport & did someone turn in my bags & id yet.
Could please let me know ASAP I need my belongings.
Thank you
This is not any airport or airline's website. This is you have to contact your airline

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We are flying in to Palm Springs airport and will arrive around noon. Meeting friends who will arrive around 5:00. Is there somewhere that we can store our luggage so we can go explore Palm Springs while waiting on our friends?
No, there is not.
I lost my jacket In the airport, in the sofa in front of the toilet next to the transit. It was folded in a black folder, my flight was Etihad Flight Number EY402
It would help if you posted the airport this happened in. But your best bet is by contacting etihad.
I'll be traveling alone with 3 children under the age of 5. I will need to check 2 large 50 lb bags at the gate upon arrival via airport shuttle. Is there a service (free or for a fee) that I can utilize to help me get my bags to the counter snd checked?
What airport and airline?
Logan (Boston) airport on Alaska
You might be able to find a skycap to help you. They work for tips.