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I'll be traveling alone with 3 children under the age of 5. I will need to check 2 large 50 lb bags at the gate upon arrival via airport shuttle. Is there a service (free or for a fee) that I can utilize to help me get my bags to the counter snd checked?
What airport and airline?
Logan (Boston) airport on Alaska
You might be able to find a skycap to help you. They work for tips.
Order ID: 6392-6605731. I have not received the Fed Ex item which you were supposedly sent on Sept 21 to 1334 Baldwin Dr. Corona, California 92881. Is there a Fed Ex tracking number so I can chase it down on this end?
I don't know what website you think this is, but this is, an airport information website. We didn't send you anything.
Can you bring a booster seat on board. Can you put it in the overhead
Just a regular booster (like just the bottom cushion)? Yes, you can bring it on board if the kid sits on it while buckled up or you put it in front of their seat.
Thank you so much.
I arrive at lax, terminal 2 on Xiamen Airlines. Will my baggage go directly to terminal 2 baggage claim?
Xiamen Airlines does not use Terminal 2 at LAX. They use Terminal 6. You will claim your bags after clearing US Immigration in Terminal 6.
I arrive from China at terminal 2. Will my baggage go directly to terminal 2 baggage claim?
Xiamen AIrlines uses Terminal 6.
I would like to know how many checked baggage is allowed from Manila to New York,economy class
Ask your airline. mom landed from Munich at 3.45 with lufthansa but she didn't find her baggage
Then she needs to contact Lufthansa baggage service.
We flew to MCO on 6/8/2017 from Dublin and our luggage never arrived. We believe that our luggage arrived the day after we did and is still there. Who could I contact to check please?
You need to contact your airline.
Are all airlines baggage claim in the same area ?
What airport?
what airline fly to/from Islip (ISP)?
Southwest, Frontier, and American.