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The flight Jan 5. NORWEGIAN DY7012 was cancelled after several hours of waiting. The passengers could not get the baggage already in the plane when leaving the airport after 12 hours of waiting at the airport. They told the passengers to later get thrir luggage or that it would be delivered to their destination. My daughter returned to the airport hours later just to get the bag but the baggage from that cancelled plane had not yet arrived to the baggage hall area. My daughter had to move on to the Newark airport for her new booked Icelandair flight. The Norwegian baggage staff at JFK asked her to make a claim (tag: DY457177, grey Samsonite) for Norwegian to be able to carry the baggage to the destination intended, Helsinki. They promised the baggage would arrive to its destination Helsinki. My daughter had to then take the separate Icelandair plane to Helsinki and we are waiting for the baggage to arrive here. She made a separate claim in Helsinki also with lease locate the bag in JFK terminal 1 and please confirm when and how it will be delivered to Helsinki.
This is not Norwegian's website or that of any airport. Nobody here can help you. Sorry.
Which terminal are the Swift Air check in desks located?
What airport?
I'm trying to report a lost wallet. I arrived on an Emirates flight on Saturday
6 th January ( approx 23.00)
I would like to get the wallet/KITAS/driving licence - gojek to Bintaro
The cash may be kept as a reward
Can anyone help?

08777 1233253
I was on standby to a flight to Norfolk and there was no room on the flight but my bags went down there. If I got to Norfolk around 1:30am can I still get my bags?
The last AA arrival at ORF is 11:40 PM, so the bag office probably closes a little after midnight.
We did not board before the accident but now need our luggage. No help from South China airlines. Any ideas?
There's no such airline as "South China Airlines". Do you mean China Southern? Do you mean the collision that happened in JFK? I would go to the bag office in JFK. However, everything at JFK is a mess right now.
Yes, China Southern. Bags on the plane and ready to board then cancelled due to collision. Bag office no help, customer service no help as they keep sending us to the baggage pickup saying its coming. Other ideas?
Hello, I took AA1326 flight yesterday ORD to BOS, the flight attendant asked me to check my carry-on bag for lack of space on the plane, took it from my hand while sticking on it Bagtag #AA188401 and... never made it to Boston! Can't be tracked, I'm told, because they should have added a 2nd tag but no trace of that on American Airlines computers. How can this happen, I was practically on the plane when they took it away from me!? It's bright violet, extremely visible. I suspect it may still be at Chicago airport, who can I contact, what can I do??? Thank you in advance for your help.
My son was flying AA from Cleveland to O'Hare, Qatar to Doha, Qatar to Kuala Lumpur. The first leg was delayed, and therefore would miss his connection on the next leg. American Airlines switched his itinerary the second leg flying with them (AA) to Heathrow, and Malaysian Airways to Kuala Lumpur. Needless to luggage at destination. He filed a report with Malaysian Airline, but is there still something or someone he can contact. AA said at ORD, it was scanned to another airline, but not saying which. Can anyone help?
It means the bag was given to Qatar in Chicago even though he was rebooked to London on American. It means that Qatar Airways has his bags in Chicago.
I have a trip next week and land back in Denver but need to turn around and leave 2 hours later is there a place I can store a second bag so I can switch bags and go.
No, Denver does not have baggage storage.
I am traveling Air Canada only, From Comox to Vancouver and then to Poenix. If I check my bag will I have to pick it up in Vancouver to take it through US Customs with me or will it be checked straight through? Thinking about the time this would take if this is required of me. Thanks.
Need to know where to be dropped off and check our bags to board Swift Air flight 450 at 7 a.m. on Feb. 8th. (it is thru APPLE VACATIONS)
What airport?