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How far is it from SWA arrival gate at Lambert to baggage
Southwest has about 25 different arrival gates in St. Louis. It's a large destination for them.
Dec 18, 2017 I left MKE late because my plane was late. I checked two2 bags. One is lost. Do you have a computer box wrapped in plain brown paper wrapped in plastic. Please return to :
69 Casubiduan, Binalonan, Pangasinan, Philippines 2436

Dennis Gaffney
This is not any airport or airline's website. We don't have your box.
How long does it take to get bags off a plane typically? One, two hours?
What airport? What airline? This is not any airport or airline's website.
How far apart are United & Delta’s baggage claim areas?
What airport?
Hi I landed in Tel Aviv from Logan, and I’m missing a suitcase. They told me I’d get it 3-4 days from now, but that means I’d have to cancel reservations and my trip will be halfway done when I get all my little boys clothes. Can it be sent sooner so I don’t have to can do my reservations, miss friends and family I cé to see and have but seen in 10 years? Seems hntreasobake, El Al could send the luggage via the fastest airline if they wanted to repair their mistake and not take customers for granted?!
This is not El Al's website. You need to contact El Al.
Do you know where I would find the. OntCt fir persons who deal with luggage left Boston? El Al here was not helpful, is there an office in Logan ehovdesks woth this? Thank you
I just posted regarding baggage claim at Termianl 7 @ JFK not working. My daughter is waiting there her flight was 1418 on Virgin America. You ran out of forms to have her bag delivered. Please advise what JFK is doing to get the bags to your passengers....
This is not JFK or Virgin America's website. The baggage issue is Virgin America's issue, not the airport's.
I disagree, the conveyer belt at the airport did not work, they were broken and were to be repaired. How would that not be the airport issue, who is responsible for the conveyer belt that tranports the luggage around the carousel
The airline is responsible for that. Also, this is, not any airline or airport's website. Also, Virgin America are the ones with her bags so obviously they would be the ones who would be responsible for delivering them.
My daughter came in on flight 1418 from LAX today, 12/29.
The baggage claim is not working what should she do, you ran out of forms to have her bag delivered to her home.
She should leave her information on a sheet of paper if she can get one. If not she will have to just call the airline.
where do I go for lost and found items in Chicago airport O'hara?
I got the wrong bad!
Go to your airline's bag office.
We did, they don’t open until evening, then they send us to the country of origin for the airlines. It’s no win! It should be a place at the airport for lost and found so customers to go and get their items!
i am in usm now my bag arrived with su274/26dec to hkt.
i wrote on report that i will be in usm i took taxi from hkt to usm .
they sent it from moscow to hkt pplease adv. if you will transfer it to usm. as i wrote i will be.
This is not any airport or airline's website. You need to contact your airline.
Please advise luggage sent from Vietnam airport yesterday 26th has arrived to be picked up today Red four wheel hard case luggage strap Margaret webster .I will be coming to the airport as I am flying out to Tai pai /Aukland at 2.40 pm Thank you please respond will be driving from Sapphire Princess at 10am ?
This is not any airport or airline's website. You need to contact your airline.