San Jose Santamaria Airport ( SJO ) Public Transportation

Getting from San Jose Airport to your destination: When making transportation arrangements, refer to your region of choice:
   Costa Rica regions include Alajuela ( with San Jose City), Cartago, Guanacste, Heredia, Limon, North Puntarenas, South Puntarenas, San Jose.
   Licensed taxis are either red with yellow triangles on the door, or orange, and accept US dollars.
The bus stop in San Jose is on Second Avenue, at north side of the church.

There are two bus companies offering San Jose transfers from/to the Airport:
 - TUASA (Transportes Unidos Alajuelenses ) - tel. 506-2442-6900 (buses run beetween 4:30am-11pm); 
 - 'Station Wagon' - tel. 506-2441-1181 - available 24/7.   Their buses run every 5 minutes to:
downtown San Jose - a 35-minute ride,
downtown Alajuela - a 15-minute ride,
downtown Heredia - a 40-minute ride.

The city of San Jose is hub for public transport and you can catch a bus to almost anywhere in the country (except to the North Caribbean Coast, a swampy region), however, remote villages may only have once-a-day bus service. The bus staton is located on Second Avenue, at the north side of the Church.  Buses leave strictly on time.
Air services of Sansa or Nature Air offer packages of unlimited flights for 1-2 weeks at a set fee, if you want to avoid an 8-12 hr bus ride.
Lodges also arrange for private chartered flights to more remote airstrips
For contact numbers & prices for advance transportation booking open http//