La Guardia Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Passenger Drop-off/ Pick-up: Terminal frontages are only for loading/unloading - unattendet cars will be towed at owner's expense. (There is no cell-phone lot available). However, the separate waiting areas are set up in the Hourly and Long-Term parking facilities which offer free parking for up to 3 hours.              

Premium Reserved Parking is at Daily and A Parking facilities. A booking fee of $2/day assures parking availability.

Terminal A (Marine Terminal): Metered lot (2-hr limit); P6 daily lot; further south P7 daily lot.
Terminals B & C: Long-term lot P3 is between both terminals - reached on foot or by shuttle.
* NOTE:   C & D parking facilities have been pernanently closed.

 - All parking options can be reached from Grand Central Parkway; all lots are served by shuttles:   Free Route A (all terminals) or Route B (all terminals except Marine Air Terminal / Delta Shuttle) courtesy buses run between parking lots and terminals: Route A buses 4am - 12:30a.m. and Route B buses run 5am-2am.
 - Payment by credit card or Chargepoint access card. Electricity is free. Fees are collected upon exiting the lot. Vehicle can be fully charged within 12-24hrs at level I, 4-6 hrs at Level II.   For more info and signing up for access visit:
 - Payment options: (While Express Pay machines are in lots 2, 4 & 5 (US currency, check, major credit cards accepted) - E-ZPass Plus, cash, credit or debit cards is accepted in all lots.)  
for A & Daily ParkingE-ZPass Plus, cash, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover & AMEX & Debit cards);
   - for Long-Term parking: MasterCard, Visa, Discover & AMEX & Debit cards.

A Parking, Daily  & Long-term Parking Facilities & Fees:

   A Parking (uncovered daily parking close to TA) - with premium Reserved spaces available at $2/day booking fee.  
Fees: first half hour $5; each add'l hr $10; up 24 hrs (daily max) $59. 
   Daily Parking B/C/D - covered & uncovered for all terminals; but closest to TB & TC -  with premium Reserved Parking spaces at $2/day. The first 3 hours in the B waiting area for passenger pickup are free.
Fees: First 30 minutes $5; each following hour $10; up to daily max (24 hrs) $59.
   Long-Term Parking /B Wait Area.  Valet parking is no longer available - parkers may self-park in a designated space. 
Fees: The first 3 hours are free. 
 As of Sept.1, 2017 the 24-hr (daily max) the daily rate is $27; thereafter the next  8 hrs cost $9 $9.   As of Dec. 1, 2017 the rates daily ratechanges to $39, and the following 8-hour period costs $13.

For more parking information call the parking operator at 718-533-3850.  The Impound Lot can be contacted at 718-533-3900

La Guardia ( LGA ) Airport Parking Map

La Guardia LGA airport parking map

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