La Guardia Airport Parking LGA

La Guardia Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Terminal Parking Rates: Payment: Accept Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express), Debit Card and Contactless Payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)


Free         First half hour 
$5            Over 1 hours
$5            Additional half hour or fraction thereof
$39          Daily max ( 24 hours)
Note: Do not accept cash and EZPass

Terminal B Parking: located closest to Terminal B

In exit lanes, cash is not excepted. If you want to pay cash or require a receipt, please utilize the pay-on-foot machines which is located on outside the lifts of the ground, 2nd and 4th floor.

Terminal C/D Parking: closest to Terminals C and D

If you want to park at terminal C/D parking, you must book in advance.In exit lanes, cash is not excepted. If you want to pay cash or require a receipt, please utilize the pay-on-foot machines which is located on outside the lifts of the ground.

 B Wait Area:near Terminal A.


Free      first 3 hours

Persons with Restricted Mobility: Parking spaces are located in each parking lot near the terminal entrance. Official disabled license plates or other offical permits must be displayed in reserved spaces. Breaker will be towed. To use the discount, you have to enter lot through the "ticket" lane and pull a ticket. At exit, you need to press the button or call (718) 533-3850 to apply the discount. Discount cannot be used with prebooking or use of  E-ZPass Plus.


Free          First half hour

$4             Over 1 hours

$4              Each additonal half hour

$18            Maximum day

Vehicles services: Call (718)533-3850 for help:

    Long Term Parking information:

    If you want to park at laGuardia for more than 30 days, you shoul contact ABM the day when you arrive at (718)533-3850. Please let us know your name, license plate and the number of days you plan to park. Any vehicle parked over 30 days will be towed and the owner will be subject to retrieval costs.

    Electric vehicle Charging Stations: 

      Ten EV charging stations are available in Terminal B Parking on the 3rd floor and Terminal C/D Parking on the 2nd floor.

      They are tied into Chargepoint, the largest EV charging network in the U.S.

      Access the station with an RFID enabled credit card or Chargepoint access card.

      Electricity is provided free of charge.

      All parking lot fees will be collected when you exit the lot.

      The chargers are capable of taking a vehicle from empty to a full charge in 12-24 hours at Level I and 4-6 hours at Level II.

      Helpful phone numbers:

      Free emergency automobile: (718)533-3850

      To report a crime, an accident or a medical emergency: (718)656-7606

         Parking: (374)468-3928

         Parking Lot Operator: (718)533-3850

          All Airport Information:  (718)533-3400

          Impound Lot: (718)533-3900

    Shuttle Bus wait time:

     Now Arriving.Get Real-time arrival information for LaGuardia Airport’s Red, Blue, Green and Purple Route Shuttle Bus

    Ways to Get Real-time Shuttle Bus Arrival Times


      Text the bus stop code to 41411 to receive the next three arrival times for shuttle buses

      Visit Nextbus or dowload app in IOS or Android

    Bus Stop Codes

    NYLGA110         Terminal A

    NYLGA120         Hangar 7 South

    NYLGA130         Long Term parking

    NYLGA200          Terminal B-Departures

    NYLGA210          Terminal B-Arrivals

    NYLGA300            Terminal C

    NYLGA400            Terminal D

    NYLGA500           Manager's Parking Lot

    E-ZPass Plus:   Leaving the parking lot is quicker and easier with E-ZPass Plus 

      • Have registered for E-ZPass Plus
      • Replenish your E-ZPass account with a valid credit card
      • Are a commercial account user of E-ZPass, call your Customer Service Center to have E-ZPass Plus activated on your account

      To use E-ZPass Plus to pay for airport parking:

        • When you enter and exit the parking lot, use the lanes marked with the purple E-ZPass signs.
        • If the parking fee is less than $20, it will be deducted from your E-ZPass account balance.
        • If the fee is $20 or more, it will be charged directly to the credit card you use to replenish your E-ZPass account.

      La Guardia ( LGA ) Airport Parking Map

      La Guardia LGA airport parking map

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