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La Guardia LGA Terminal Map LGA Terminal A LGA Terminal B LGA Terminal C LGA Terminal D


Passenger Terminal Layout of New York LaGuardia Airport, Terminal Transfers, Delta Passengers,  and Terminal Details:

The passenger terminal complex at LaGuardia Airport has four terminals  - TA, TB, TC, & TD, with direct access from the Grand Central Parkway.  While TA, TB, TC & TD follow in that succession, TA  is a short distance from the other terminals (with separate exit from Grand Central Pkwy.).  TB is divided by long-term parking lot P3 from TC & TD, which are connected at  airside by a 650-foot bridge .  All Terminals are to receive an inline baggage system and offer food & drink & retail concessions.  The 'virtual avatar' - with the likeness of a real person - provides information similar to the ones at information counters.
A transportation information center is in the arrivals area of each terminal.  Each terminal has bus, taxi & rental car shuttle pickup outside of the arrivals level (NYC Transit buses M60, Q33, Q47, Q48 & Q72; Express buses to Mahattan and JFK Airport).
The ongoing $3.6B passenger terminals reconstruction project is to transform the Airport into a World Class Airport - expected to be completed between 2018 & 2021.

Terminal TransfersTC & TD are connected at their airside by a long footbridge. For other terminal to terminal connections (including parking lots) - take a taxi outside - or use the free shuttle buses coming around every 10-15 minutes: Route A serves all terminals 4am-11:30pm, or Route B serves Terminals B, C  D, 6am-2am)
Delta Passengers:  Delta uses TB, TC & TD & ; Delta Connection uses TD;  Delta Shuttle flights to/from Boston uses TC, with dedicated check-in counters, enhanced Boeing 717 flights with first-class seating. Weekday shuttles depart between 6am-8pm; check-in without bags: 15 mins (with bags 30 mins.)
Delta shuttle buses runs bus D gate passengers to the entrance of the Marine Terminal for gates A1-6; Delta shuttle buses also run between C & D gates.
Delta offers separate Economy, Priority & Premium check-in facilities.  The Delta Sky Club is near the entrances  C & D gates.
American Airlines Passengers:   American Airlines uses at Terminal B gates D1-D10 & C1-C8, and at Terminal C gates C35-C44.  AA ticket counters at TB at the left half of the check-in level lead directly to Concourses C & D, while ticket counters at TC, in the center of the check-in level, lead directly to gates C35-C44.  AA's Admirals clubs are at TB, gate D1, and at TC right after security check.

 - Airlines in alphabetical order are listed at the introductory page of this site, along with their telephone numbers, terminals & concourses.
 - WiFi service at all three New York airports is only free for 30 minutes; thereafter it is $4.95 per hour, $7.95 per day, and for frequent fliers $9.95 a month.

Terminal A at LGA with A gates(also referred to as 'Marine Air Terminal') with gates A1-A6 - presently served by Delta Shuttle for its flights to DCA & ORD (its Boston shuttle flights are at TC) - consists of two connected parts:  While the old part represents the original round-shaped Marine Air Terminal, now serving as Departure /check-in area - the new part serves as Arrivals / baggage claim and Gate areas with gates A1-A6.  Past security check are two baggage claims. The ‘Yankee Clipper’ restaurant is at Departures, while ‘Java City’ is opposite gate 2.  Taxis & buses stop outside the arrivals level.

 Central Terminal B at LGA
 with  A through D Concourses and Gates:  Arrivals & Departure levels, and all concourses, offer food & drink and retail concessions.  NOTE: To bridge the gap between scheduled new Main Terminal and Central Hall's  partial opening by 2019 - current TB concluded its major service upgrades (including completion of its food & retail renovation program with new specialty retail outlets, expanded dining options and remodeling of all Au Bon Pain locations; changeover to BoA ATMs and a new Centurion SM Lounge for American Express card members). Both food courts will have completed their refurbishment, including free charging points for mobile devices.
    The Arrivals Level houses the baggage claim, a food court in the center, and transportation information booths at either side.
    The Departures Level houses two check-in areas, a lounge, Travelex near Concourse A entrance (Tel. 718 672 4748), a Food Court near Concourse D, and security checkpoints at each entrance to Concourses A through D:
Concourse A of TB with gates A1 to 6 - has a new Nursing Suite.
Concourse B of T
B with gates B1 to B8 - has a currency exchange near gate B6.
Concourse C of TB with gates C12 to C34.
Concourse D of TB with gates D1 to D11 - has alounge close to gate D2. Currency exchange is near gate D3.
    The Upper Level houses a lounge, a dental facility, & first aid station.      

construction on the new 'Main Terminal' with 35 gates & a Central Hall will make it nearly 40 percent larger than the current TB, replacing it on completion by 2018. Thereafter, the Main Terminal will be linked to TC/TD. (SEE:  introductory page, bottom: "Current & Future Airport developments".

Terminal C
at LGA with C gates - gates C15-C44 (gates C26 & C28 are in the center, C15-24 are at East, and C29-44 are at West) .
    Arrivals Level houses two transportation information booths and three baggage claims.
    Departures Level with check-in counters, leads to security check & gates. Near gate C44 is a currency exchange service. Food & drink, as well as shops are in the Departure level and nearby gate areas.
NEW:  The huge New York-themed new tech-enhanced food hall  with over 110 iPads, and with seating at center - ia surrounded by restaurants, featuring over 110 iPads (with available OTG's app to check on flights & pay for order at Apple Play). A number of self-service counters are for passengers paying for food on the go.  Terminal C will also offer fresh produce, baked goods, premium coffee, and more. For those with more time may try the new chef-driven restaurants.  TC also has a new Delta Sky Club. 

    Terminals C & D 
have expanded security lanes and are connected at  post-security by a 650-foot bridge - enabling passengers to roam freely between them.

Terminal D (The Delta Terminal
) at LGA with D gates: TD was transformed into a high-tech building, offering 700 iPads attached to desks, tables & chairs; with free internet access,  passengers can order food or retail items on high-resolution graphic menus - to be delivered to their current seating, as well as scanning flight information.  
    Arrivals level houses a transportation information booth and three baggage claim areas.
   Departure level houses check-in facilities, with security checkpoints leading to gats D1-D11, with a lounge across from gate 1.  Food & drink, as well as shops, are available on this level and near gates 1 & 2.  The new Food Court offers a sushi bar  with healthy choices. Delta's Sky Club has been expanded.

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