Guest Services at La Guardia LGA Airport

Other services available at LGA Airport: (Terminals A - D are shortened to TA - TD)

Duty-Free Americas - At TB, at gates A4 & C4; 
I-Tech Xperience - at TB, near entrance to gates C.
Tech Showcase - at TC, across from gate 11.
InMotion Entertainment - at TB, pre-security at Depatures, between gates B & C, - at TC near gate 11
Paging: TA & TD: pre-security: at your airline check-in counter or call your airline
TB & TC:  Arrivals, Welcome Center
Shoeshine - at TA, gates 1-3;  at TB gates A, C & D;  at TC at gates 1-3; and TC at gates 1-3.
Spa Services:
XpresSpa - at TC, shuttle area, post security.
Volunteers of America (tel. 718-533-3611) are located at pre-secuirty in the West Wing on level 3 of TB - open weekdays 7am-3pm & 11pm-7am; on weekendss for emergencies ony.
Welcome Center is in TB's Arrivals area

Lost & Found

1. At LGA, any item lost on board an aircraft, in the airline terminal or curbside with an airline tag is turned over to the appropriate airline. Contact your airline’s baggage service office for further information.

2. If you lost an item at the security checkpoint, call TSA at 718-662-5043. TSA's Lost & Found is open 7am-3pm.   (or call TSA Customer Service Center at 866-289-9673.
3. If you lost an item in the terminal contact the Lost & Found Clerk at 718-533-3988 or at lgalostandfound

Mail Center


Pets are not permitted inside the passenger terminals - with the exception of working dogs on a leash.
As policies relating to the transportation of pets vary by airline and time of year, it is suggested that you contact your airlines directly for detail.
Pet relief areas are located outside of Arrivals- follow signs or ask the staff.  Owners should clean up with materials provided in those pet relief areas:
  TB: pre-security, Arivals near taxi stand.
  TC: pre-security, Arrivals, East side of Terminal.
  TD: pre-security, Arrivals, West side of TD.


Smoking is prohibited in all public areas inside the passenger terminals at LaGuardia Airport.

International Travelers at La Guardia LGA Airport