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Banking/ATM Services at Los Angeles LAX Airport

Bank of America operates ATMs located in both departures and arrival levels in all terminals at LAX

Currency Exchange at Los Angeles LAX Airport

ICE Currency Exchange Kiosks at LAX Airport are vailable in all terminals at Upper /Departure Level. at the following areas:
For ICE hours call 310-747-7934

At  BradleyTerminal /TBIT:

South Concourse - tel. (310) 417-0364
Departure Level - tel. (310) 646-1950
North Concourse - tel. (310) 338-9736
Arrival Level - tel. (310) 417-0366  (there is also a TripTel on the Arrivals Level - tel. (310) 645-3500)
At Terminal 2:
Arrival Level - tel. (310) 646-5818
Departure Level - tel. (310) 642-9225
AT Terminal 3 at:
Departure Level - tel. (310) 646-0553 - offers Moneygram. (there is also Nepune Networks tel. (866) 463-7886 available.
At Terminal 4 at:
Departure Level - tel. (310) 646-2929
At Terminal 5 at:
Departure Level - tel. (310) 348-1725 and at Arrival Level - tel. (310) 646-1426
At Terminal 6 at:
Departure Level - tel. (310) 642-1899; Arrival Level - tel. (310) 646-7761; and
At Terminal 7 at:
Departure Level - tel. (310) 646-7934

Air Traveler Resources

As your hub for information about Los Angeles Airport, iFly.com can help you get to, through, and between any airport in the world. Here are a few popular topics which can help you get through LAX stress-free:

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  • If you have some time before your flight's departure, be sure to browse the food and cafe scene, or peruse the shops located throughout the terminals.
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