Internet Access at Los Angeles LAX Airport

LAX Airport offers free internet access, with paid upgrades:
Free Wi-Fi service for up to 44 minutes is available in most of the public areas of the Airport - provided by Advanced Wireless Group.
To connect to the network, enable your Wi-Fi network card in your computer, right-click the computer icon in the notification area , select 'View available wireless networks' then select your WiFi network and click 'connect', which gets you to the welcome page. 
For a higher speed level, aim for Premium Access charged by the hour $4.95 or for 24-hr use $7.95.  You can also use 'roaming credentials' for subscription services. 

NOTE:  Under the new agreement with LAX, Boingo Wireless is to make 'significant' ivestment upgrang current networks with tiered WiFi at speed 5Mbps to 2 Mbps.

For more information contact  the help desk at 877-294-9434.

Internet kiosks are available on the departures level.