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Los Angeles Airport ( LAX ) Terminal Map Information

Los Angeles Airport Terminal Map Overview

Los Angeles LAX Terminal Map LAX Bradley International LAX Terminal 1 LAX Terminal 2 LAX Terminal 3 LAX Terminal 4 LAX Terminal 5 LAX Terminal 6 LAX Terminal 7 LAX Terminal 8


LAX Airport construction & airline reassignments, Terminal Layout & operating hours, Getting Around at LAX, : International Arrivals, TERMINAL DETAILS: Central Terminal Area and its terminals, including Airline/ VIP Lounges and future North Concourse satellite:

NOTE:  Due to ongoing major construction at LAX for quite some time to come - it is strongly advisable to use alternate transport means (LAX FlyAway express bus, Metro Rail Green Line, or to park at Economy Lot C).  For up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, travel tips, shortcuts, etc. open: www.LAXisHappening.com, while additional Terminal 1 renovation info can be found at http://www.lawa.org/uploadedFiles/LAXDev/News_for_LAXDev/T1%20Renovation.pdf
Current projects as of early Feb. 2017:
(a) Century Corridor Streetscape Plan; (b)  modernization of Terminals 2 & 3; (c)  New Terminal 1.5; and (d) Landside Access Modernization program.
LAX has two international terminals
- the Bradley Terminal and Terminal 2.

Important American and Delta Airline Reassignments:
(The Airport assigned staff (in topaz blue sweaters) in front of T5 & T6 (upper departure level) to assist passengers while signs for airline location have been put up)
American Airlines now uses both Terminals 4 & 5 (previously 6):  NOTE as of Jan. 31, 2017 American switched 4 gates and its American Eagle shuttle bus gate to Terminal 5. A new check-in lobby at the east end of T5 will be in place. Therefore, AA passengers assigned to gates 50A, 50B & 52 (American Eagle Bus Gate), 53A or 53B should arrive at T5, whose gates are closer to American's base at T4 (a tunnel connects both). A new check-in lobby is now available at the end of T5.
 American Airlines passengers may use aa.com or the American mobile app to check in for flights up to 24  prior to departure.  Note that  AA reservations can be retrieved at the AA airport kiosk by either their AAdvantage number, six-digit record locator, or by swiping a credit card isued in their name.  
 - Delta temporarily uses American's vacated gates at T6 - its first step to eventually relocate all of its present operations from T5 &T6 to T2 & T3 by May 2017. Passengers checking in online are assigned gates 60 to 63, 68A, 68B or 69B at T6.  There are 8 Delta check-in counters at the west end of T6.
 - United  & United Express Airlines use both Terminals 7 & 8 - T7 for e-ticket passengers, T8 for paper tickets & non-ticketed passengers; also, United uses T6 for its Premier, First-class & Business Class customers.
 - COPA Panama is currently in both TBIT & T6; 
 - Qantas
uses T4 for departures (QF16) and TBIT for arrivals;
 - Virgin Australia uses Terminal 3 for departures and TBIT for Arrivals.
 - Costa Rica flights use Terminal 2.

Los Angeles International Airport has currently nine passenger terminals,  arranged in a U-shape -  referred to as the 'Central Terminal Area' or 'CTA') - with the International Tom Bradley Terminal (TBIT) being in the center - to the right of its entrance are  North Terminals 3, 2 & 1 (T2 & T3 are connected at upper departure level corridor & outside walkway) -  to the left are South Terminals 4 through 8.  A connector at Bradley's secured area leads to T3's secured area. T4 has an underground tunnel connecting the unsecured areas of T4 through T7/T8.  The new T4 Connector (a glass-enclosed bridge) connects Terminals 8 through 4 at their concourses and continues on to the Bradley Terminal (TBIT), where transfer passengers will go through an expedited security screening area and on to their connecting gate. 
Transfer passengers arriving at TBIT and transferring to one of Terminals 4-8 take the T4 Bridge Connector - arriving there in the secured area - with no need to go security check again.  (Terminals 3 or 4 on opposite sides of TBIT can also be reached on foot taking about 5 mins each; Terminals T7/T8  can also be reached via East Way, a short-cut between the north & south terminals.)
Terminal Operation Hours: T1: 4am-11pm; T2: 4:30am-2am; T3: 4:15am-1am; T4: 4am-1am; T5: 4am-1:30am; T6: 4:30am-1:30am; T7: 4am-12am; TBIT South: 6am-1am; TBIT North: 8am-1am. 

Getting around at LAX:  On the lower road level (outside of the Arrival level of each LAX passenger terminal), you find hotel & parking lot shuttles, shared-ride vans, taxis, FlyAway, buses, long-distance vans & rental car shuttles. Color-coded are: rental car shuttles (purple); Hotel & Parking lot shuttles (red); Shared-ride vans (orange); FlyAway, buses & long-distance vans (green);  LAX buses (blue), including: (a) C Bus to: Parking Lot C, City bus center, off-airport rental car terminal,  and (b) G Bus to Metro Station's Green Line.
-  Currently all terminals are served by the LAX bus Route A which runs 24/7 every 10 mins on lower arrival level island in front of each terminal, under sign 'LAX shuttle airline connection', . Starting from TBIT, the next stops are at Terminals T4 –T8, it then continues to the opposite side with terminals T1, T2, T3 and back to TBIT. Count on 3 minutes for each stop.
- Parking Lot C is served 24/7 by the 'C' route every 15-20 mins
- The G line transports passengers with a valid TAP card to/from Metro Green Line Aviation Station (aligned with the rail schedule - open:  www.metro.net.
- Terminals 8 & 1 are on opposite sides of their respective garages; you can either use the LAX bus A running from T8 to T1 (one stop) or walk between the two parking structures to the other side.
- International Arrivals at Bradley Terminal: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check (or use the APC kiosk), retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag. However, if you have not booked your connecting flight on one ticket, or your connecting carrier does not have a code-share with your first carrier (check first) - you need to take your bags and check them in again at your connecting airline's Terminal.
- Arriving passengers at Bradley Terminal  will now be guided to Customs by the new overhead color-coded way finding signs. - - Transfer passengers arriving at the International Bradley Terminal, heading to one of the South Terminals T4-T8: - Recent installations include 40 APC (Automated Passport Control) kiosks for expedited entry by U.S.& Canadian citizens, as well as by passengers arriving from one of the 38 Visa Waiver Countries. The process takes 90 seconds (for families a few minutes). APCs offer 13 languages with easy instructions for scanning passport, answering questions & fingerprinting of non-US citizens. Thereafter take your receipt and proceed with it to a CBP officer to complete entry into the U.S.


The CENTRAL TERMINAL AREA includes the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT),  North Terminals 1 & 1.5, 2 & 3 and South Terminals 4 though 8:  Practically all terminals are under various stages of construction - some of which will be ongoing until 2018 - see details at each of the terminals listed below.   All terminals offer food & drink, shops, ATM machines, currency exchange, internet access and internet kiosks (separately listed) LAX now offers a choice of over 150 new food & retail concessions, pleasing every taste and budget, and health-conscious passengers. LAX is switching to automated screening lanes with the latest technology. Terminals 4-8: Explore any restaurants of T4 - T8 - using  your boarding pass - and skipping security check.  (Current Airport & Airline Lounges are itemized at the end of each terminal description).

   A.  Tom Bradley International Terminal ('TBIT' or 'TB') at LAX - opened 2013 and now mostly completed - achieved LEED Gold certification for not only being sustainable but also for being the country's 'most technologically advanced terminal'.  ACI-NA awarded it 'Best Food & Beverage Program' and 'Excellence in Airport Concessions'.  While there are still improvements in progress, the Terminal now has a new Retail & Dining Deck with 60 new premier shops & restaurants, and a large children's play area 'LAX Beach' for ages 3-8 after security check.  All together, there will be 16 passenger screening lanes. 18 of Bradley's gates will use state-of-the-art, laser-based, visual guidance docking systems.
   Level 4  of TBIT is the Ticketing & Departures level housing near the entrance four rows of ticketing counters. The two rows at right & left of center have separate TSA passenger screenings, reached by elevators /escalator - with access to VIP lounges, Children's play area, and  to gates 119-123.  Escalators /Stairs take you up to the shopping /dining area surrounding the Time Tower entrance.  Near the Relay Store is access to gates 130 - 134 at east side, and to gates 148 - 159 at west side - both have moving walkways.
The Food Court is between the Ticketing & Mezzanine level 5.
   Mezzanine Level 5 of TBIT: 
Recently a security checkpoint opened at the south side of the mezzanine-level, and Customs & Border Protection opened a secondary baggage sceening area. The Mezzanine level houses III Forks Steakhouse, Lucky Fish & Drink LA, with access to the Time Tower.
   The Arrivals level of TBIT: Arriving passenges Passenges at TBIT's will  now be guided by the overhead new color-coded way finding signs to Customs. This level houses the baggage claim area, interactive visitors centers, Airport Volunteers, a Bistro, newsstand, mobile phone rental & flower shop.  Outside ground transportation is available for hotel parking lot shuttles, shared ride vans, taxis, FlyAway, buses & long-distance Vans, LAX shuttle buses & rental car shuttles - each stop is marked with its own color sign.   Transfer passengers to Terminal 3 may use the secure connector.
Current Airline & Airport Lounges at TBIT:  Right after TSA screening at the north end are elevators to the VIP lounges North: level 4 Los Angeles International Lounge on level 4, Oneworld Alliance Lounge at level 5 and Star Alliance Lounge on level 6.
- VIP Lounges South (level 4: Sky Team,  Level 5:  Star Alliance), reached by elevator/escalator
- VIP Lounge North (Level 4: L.A. Internat’l Lounge,  Level 5 Oneworld’ Alliance, reached by escalator
- reLAX Lounge is in the Food Court at the upper level
- Los Angeles Business Lounge for Qantas, Cathay Pacific & British Airways - with an capacity from 400 to 600 passengers. It is intended for First, Platinum, Frequent Flyers & Oneworld Emerald members with exclusive services including shirt pressing, shoe shining and priority access to showers.
- LAX International Lounge is on level 4.
- A new $1M Escape Lounge
accessible to all paying passengers, will open in Fall 2016 at the Bradley Terminal 's East Concourse (at entrance to gates 1-12).
- Qantas First Lounge - 3 times larger than the previous one - represents a pleasing, calm oasis for rest, work or dining prior to departing flight.  The Lounge seats 221 Qantas First customers, has a 74-seat a la carte restaurant, and offers free WiFi access, wireless printing, cable TV, 2 private work suites & 7 shower rooms, & a 488-foot marble bar.
- Emirates' new Lounge - aimed at  first- & business-class travelers, and at Platinum & Gold members of Emirates Skywards - covers an area of over 9,000 sq.feet, seating 157 passengers in great comfort.
Etihad Airways opened its luxury Premium Lounge for first- & business-class passengers, Gold & Silver members and Etihad's partner airlines' equivalent Platinum & Gold members.
'Planet Hollywood' (on Ticketing Level, at pre-security) offers meeter/ greeters added restaurant option.

[TBIT's future Midfield Satellite Concourse North (MSC)
measuring 132 x 1,295 feet is to be located on the LAX airfield, about 1,300 feet west of TBIT, and intended to serve large aircraft.  The project also involves new taxiways and related infrastructure.  An underground tunnel is to provide baggage, passenger & utility connection between MSC & TBIT, while a new small annex at TBIT will serve as connector.   Phase 1 has been competed, including design & pre-construction; the subsequent construction is to be completed by 2020. [Other MSC projects will follow thereafter.]

   B - The North Terminals: T1, New T1.5 (under construction), T2 & T3:
     Terminal 1, at LAX Airport serves Southwest airline (except its international arrivals) with cgates 9 - 18B. T1's Departure Level of T1 currently houses the food court with 5 restaurants, 4 other food & drink concessions;  T1's Arrival level offers an ATM, interactive Visitors Centers, baggage carts, Volunteer Information Professionals, Hudson Newsstand, & Dunkin Donuts Express. *While gate 13 reopened, gate 18B is under renovation. The Pizza Kitchen opened near gate 13, while Westfield continues phased opening of 24 new concessions throughout 2017.
NOTE: T1's $508M project involves entire curb-to-gate transformation - done in phases until completion by Spring 2018. Renovation of office space & passenger waiting areas has been completed. The food court in post-security area remains open. T1's upgrades include new state-of-the-art consolidated security screening checkpoint; fully automated checked baggage inspection & sorting system; integrated passenger waiting room/concessions program; refurbished arrival/baggage claim area; replacement of the passenger boarding bridges; relocation of the main entrances towards the west end of the building to ease traffic congestion; & new ramp pavement. Westfield opens new concessions on a phased basis, reaching 24 by late 2017.
As of Nov. 2016, construction/ renovation project is currently in its second phase involving Southwest Airlines' renovation project at the eastern part of T1, including former check-in lobby.  Gate 17A reopened, while Gates 16B, 17B, 18A & 18B are currently closed. Westfield will install 24 new concessions in phases through 2017. 
* New T1.5 plans received approval early Dec. 2016 and will add space for ticketing, security, screening & baggage claim, and offer a corridor connecting to Departures levels of T1 & T2. However, it requires demolition of one of T1's boardig gates. T1.5 is to open by summer 2019
     International Terminal 2 at LAX Airport   - with gates 21A - 28. T2 was upgraded early 2016 - transforming 15,000 sq.feet of terminal space with 16 new retail & dining outlets and upgraded common area. T2 now has three separate areas: a commercial area, a dining terrace and 'The Strand' (a dining/shopping area with stairway to a mezzanine & cafe). * Virgin Atlantic's new Clubhouse Lounge is free for passengers of Upper Class, traveling between London Heathrow & LAX.  T2's Departures Level offers  food & drink and retail outlets, including duty-free; ICE currency exchange, free WiFi & a nursing room. Currently, the ticketing lobby is split between airline check-in operations.  T2's Arrivals Level  houses ATM & currency exchange, interactive visitor’s centers, baggage carts, volunteer info professionals, E-Savvy, Univision & Starbucks.
NOTE:  The baggage carousels were replaced. Work at the ticketing lobby, where barricades split check-in operations of the airlines may already have been completed, as well as a new boarding bridge.. A new service-animal relief area opened near gate 22.  
     Terminal 3 at LAX Airport  with gate 30 right after security check and gates 31A through 39 surrounding the gate area.  T3's Departures level houses a food court with Burger King & Starbucks, 2 other restaurants, Hudson's News shop & and newstands, DFS Duty-free; and ICE currency exchange.  T3's Arrivals level houses an ATM, interactive Visitors Centers, baggage cars & Volunteer Info Professionals. A service-animal relief area opened in the courtyard beyond Gate 30.  Also near gate 30, Angel City Brewery, Peet’s Coffee, Blue Window LA, & a cafe recently opened, while 'Point The Way Cafe' opened at former US Airways lounge.
NOTE: T3's Plans are to demolish /reconstruct T3 concourse building, and the oval-shaped structure at T3's north end, and demolish or reconstruct  both baggage & ticketing facilities at T2 & T3. 

C. The South Terminals 4 - 8

     Terminal 4 at LAX Airport serves American & American Eagle - with gates 40-49A.  T4's Departures Level currently houses a food court with 6 restaurants, and 2 separate restaurants, a DFS Duty-Free shop, & six other shops, and ICE currency exchange.  T4's Arrivals level houses an ATM, Interactive Visitors Centers, baggage carts, Starbucks & Volunteer Info Professionals.
After TSA Screening are gates 40 to 54 located in the gateway area (for remote gate 44 take the stairway or escalator near the food court to the bus gate), and gates 46A to 49A surrounding north end of the gateway.   The American Airlines Admirals Club is near gate 43. A stairway leads to Alaska Airlines Board Room.
The T4 Connector now connects the south side's Terminals 4 through 8 with the Tom Bradley TBIT terminal - enabling arriving passengers at south side terminals to use the new connector to TBIT where they go through an expedited security screening area connecting directly with the south side terminal concourses.  Also, T4's gate seating areas have been upgraded; Food Court upgrades continue through January 2017.  New automated lanes are added at the Security checkpoint, to be completed early 2017. The Admirals Club is under renovation until June 2017.
                                NOTE:  American / American Eagle's T4 and T5 are connected by underground tunnel 
     Terminal 5 at LAX Airport with gates 50-58 serves American, American Eagle & Delta. T5's upgrade has been completed.  T5's Departures Level offers a food court with 4 restaurants, and 5 other food & drink ouotlets, a DFS duty-free shop, 5 other shops; ICE Currency exchange & nursing room.  T5's  Arrivals Level houses an ATM, interactive Visitors Centers, baggage carts, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Volunteer Info Professionals.  Immediately after security check are gates 51A, 51B and 50B to the left - followed by gates 2A & B & 53A & B on opposite sides; and gates 51A - 59 surrounding the north end of the gateway. Access to Delta Crown Room Club is by stairway (next to McDonald’s).  
 - Recently new restaurants & shops were added with celebrity chefs & retail brand names - reflecting The City of Los Angeles' lifestyle.  Among its other enhancements are new jet bridges,  an expanded ticketing lobby, 4 added security checkpoinnt, new baggage carousels and interantional baggage recheck facilities. 
 - Delta completed its 3-year terminal-wide renovation project by opening its first private check-in lounge - the 'Delta One at LAX'.  Delta One passengers now use a dedicated curbside entrance to access this check-in lounge, and there is direct access to a dedicated security checkpoint from this lounge.  Delta also opened the renovated Sky Club with more space and various amenities.  Delta also renovated the Sky Priority lobby, expanded ticketing lobby, and added 4 more security checkpoints, new baggage carousels, new jet bridges & international baggage recheck facilities.
     Terminal 6 at LAX Airport with gates 60-69 serves Alaska, Copa (departures only), Delta, Great Lakes, & Mokulele Airlines. The 8 check-in counters for Delta are located at the west end of the terminal.  T6's Departures Level houses Hudson News & DFS Duty-free and ICE currency exchange.T6's new dining & retail area covering over 22,000 sq.feet has been completed and is showcasing 'the best of Los Angeles':  After TSA security check, passengers arrive at an area representing downwn LA, and are then guided into Sunset Plaza with open spaces to eat, drink and people watch - followed by the Sunset Strip and Garden Terraze zones with high-end retail & local dining. The journey ends at the deparures gates which were transformed into beach areas with more dining & retail concepts.   T6's Arrivals level offers an ATM, interactive Visitors Centers, baggage carts & Volunteer Info Professionals. T6 now has its own customs & immigration processing.  
- A service-animal relief area
is in the atrium just beyond Gate 62.  Redesigned T6 opened late October 2016 with a new concessions program - involving 22,299 sq.feet of new dining, retail & common areas: 21 food & drink and retail concessions (including 14 L.A. brands and 13 new concessions)
    Terminal 7 at LAX Airport serves United & United Express e-ticket passengers only - with gates 70A-77B (connected right after security check to T8's gate area 80-88).  T7's Departures level offers a food court with 5 restaurants, and 5 separate food & drink outlets, as well as a DFS Duty-Free and 6 other shops;  ICE currency exchange & vending machines. T7's  Arrivals level offers ATM,  interactive Visitors Centers, baggage carts & Volunteer Info Professionals.
After security screening, there is a walkway to Satellite 8 to the left and a walkway to Terminal 6 at right, and access to gates 70A -71B,  72 & 73 & 74A -77B.  United Airline’s Customer Service is next to Gate 71B, while the Red Carpet Club is adjacent to gate 70A.  Next to the food court is the elevator, and opposite of it the stairway to the VIP Lounge. T7's Global First Lounge (GFL) was converted into a second United Lounge.
United Airline's extensive upgrade work at Terminals 7 & 8 will be ongoing until December 2017. A portion of the lobby is closed for remodeling.  It is recommended that you check-in through united.com to avoid delays.  Also allow for extra time for baggage dropoff & security screening. Upgrade work includes adding more self-service kiosks, expand security checkpoint, offer better seating options with charging stations in the gate area, creating a new United Club with powered workstations and outdoor terrace and relocating baggage claim carousels. The connector corridor between T7/8 was reduced by 10 feet.
As of Nov. 2016: 
     Terminal 8 at LAX Airport serves United & United Express Airlines' passengers with paper tickets or no tickets. - with gates 80-88 (connected right after security check to T7's gate area 70A-77B. gate 70A will reopen late August 2016. The waiting area at Gate 71A reopened).  T8's  Departures level offers a food court with 5 restaurants and 8 other food & drink outlets, a DFS Duty-Free, and 6 shops; ICE currency exchange and vending machines.  (After  TSA Screening at Terminal 7 take a left turn arriving at T8's gateway with gates 80-88 (opposite of gate 80 are escalator/ stairways to T8's baggage claim).  T8's Arrivals level houses an ATM, interactive Visitors Centers, baggage carts & Volunteer Info Professionals.
NOTE:  Terminals 7/8's renovation project is to be completed by 2017.   Access to T7 is through  walkway near gate 71A.  Gates 70A & B reopened, and gate 73 opened late Oct. 2016.  United’s Baggage Service office is being upgraded, while Baggage Carousel 3 is being replaced.  The elevated walkway to Carpark  7 is closed – accessed  from the Arrivals Level.
T7/T8  can be reached by the East Way, a short-cut between the north & south terminals.
For T7/8 access use the East Way, which is a short-cut between north & south sides of terminals.