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Marseille Provence Airport ( MRS ) Terminal Map Information

Marseille Provence MRS Terminal Map


The terminal complex at Marseille Provence Airport consists of two passenger terminals: the Main Terminal with Halls 1, 3 & 4, and the small MP2 terminal, located to the right of the Main Terminal - intended for low-cost airlines, and dedicated to the citizens of Provence.

The Main Terminal (MP1) recenly completed its 'transformation' work. New facilities were added between Halls 1 & 4 , including a show-room at Arrivals - promoting the Aix-Marseille-Provence region & South France.  At departures, a new jetty increases aircraft handling capacity, including wide-bodied jets.  Hall 1 is for international flights; Halls 3 & 4 are for Schengen flights - each having a ground level and an upper level. Information desks are at both Schengen arrivals Hall 4 and International arrivals Hall 1 and are open 24/7 (tel. +33 (0)4 42 141414).  A First aid station is in Hall 4 (ground floor, tel. 4 42 142424). 
VIP Lounges in the boarding area of T1 offer WiFi access and outlets for your electronic devices.
Arriving passengers may now use the new self-service check-in kiosks, getting them quicker through border control.

   The ground level of Hall 1 is divided between Arrivals & check-in /Departures:
 - Arrivals at west side houses baggage claim, Customs check, Information counter, currency exchange, cash machine.  (Food and Drink offers in the center are accessible to all passengers.)
- Check-in /Departures at east side houses the check-in facilities, left baggage and baggage wrapping, with access to Halls 3-4, and to a few shops, tour operators, & oversized baggage, while to the right is access to Fast Lane and to Security checkpoint.
   The upper level of Hall 1 is the departure level, which houses formal restaurant and Bar lounge, Lounge Van Gogh, VIP lounge Cezanne, duty-free shops, coffee shop, and newsstand.  The boarding area is divided into International and Schengen Departures: 
- International gates 10-16 (east), and Schengen gates 20-45 (west) and to gates 1-9 & Halls 3&4 (west).
   Hall 4 on the ground level houses Arrivals facilities (baggage claim, meeting point, Information desk, unaccomponied minors, carpark desk, Air France baggage service, banking & cash machine, cofffe shop, a room for disabled persons, First Aid Service and free hotel courtesy phone & bus shuttles.
   Halls 3 & 4 on the upper level are divided between Hall 3 (east) and Hall 4 (west):
- Departures Hall 3 houses a copy machine, internet, & cash machine, access to Hall 4, and Hall 1 on opposite sides, oversized baggage,  security check, VIP Loun Luberon, Relay, and access to gates  20-45
- Departure Hall 4 houses a food court, Relay, Starbucks, whatch/jewel shop, gourmet regional products, multimedia, AirFance counters, with security check (with sandwich/salads, TV area for children and Internet), and access to gates 40-45

The MP2 Terminal ( serving LCC - low-cost carriers)
was recently extended and new shops added. Arriving passengers may now use the automated self-service kiosks to get quickly through the border police control.

NOTE:  Passengers upon arrival at the Airport may want to consider obtaining their City Pass offering an inclusive package, good for 24, 48, or 72 hours - allowing access to many tourist- and cultural services: see  For reservation at Guided Tours call 0826 500 500.