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Airport Overview

Newark Liberty International Airport, or EWR, is a major international airport serving the New York metropolitan area. The airport is located at the boundary between Newark and Elizabeth in Essex County and Union County, New Jersey, and plays a crucial role for the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas. Newark Airport is located 3 miles south of Downtown Newark, and 9 miles west-southwest of the borough of Manhattan.

In 2017, EWR was the sixth busiest airport in the US in terms of international passenger traffic. As of 2019, the airport ranks 43rd on the list of busiest airports in the world, with 46.34 million processed passengers.

Newark Liberty airport operates flights to about 185 domestic and international destinations worldwide, including Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Major airlines operate at the airport, including American Airlines, Allegiant, Air Canada, Delta, Cathay, JetBlue, Turkish and United Airlines.

EWR serves as a hub for United Airlines, which operates 77 daily nonstop international flights and 327 daily domestic flights from the airport.

Airport Stats & Facts

  • EWR was built by the City of Newark in 1928.
  • The facility was used by the Army Air Corps during World War II.
  • On January 22, 1952, an American Airlines CV-240 crashed while approaching the airport’s runway, killing all 23 passengers on board. A National DC-6 crashed in February 1952 after taking off, killing 29 of 63 on board and four on the ground.
  • Newark Liberty airport ranked last on the list of 20 best airports in the US. The ranking is based on reliability, convenience and value.
  • United Airlines’ Flight 93 that was hijacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001, took off from Newark International Airport and was en-route to San Francisco. It subsequently crashed in a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.
  • The airport is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which manages 4 other airports including JFK Airport.
  • In 2018, a $2.7 billion project was started at EWR for the construction of Terminal 1 that will replace Terminal A.

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Newark Airport Overview Map

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Airport Traveling Tips

  • Newark airport peak hours are between 5am & 11am and between 7pm & 9pm. The busiest days are usually Thursdays and Fridays.
  • During peak hours, you should drop-off your passenger at curbsides of the departure terminal. However, do no park on the curbsides or airport roadways. If you want to wait, use the Cell Phone lot which is five minutes away from all terminals.
  • According to airport guidelines, you should arrive two hours prior to your domestic flight and three hours prior to your international flight. TSA security wait times could cause delays. Reach well before your flight time to avoid any delays or risk of missing your flight.

It’s also helpful to take a look at Newark airport terminal map before leaving for the airport.

Passenger Pick-up and Drop-off

  • Before going to pick up your party at the Newark Liberty Airport, make sure to identify the terminal where they’d be arriving. Each terminal has its own parking.
  • If your party hasn’t arrived yet, use the Cell Phone Lots located near the airport’s entrance, adjacent to P4 garage.
  • You can also use the short-term lots at EWR, which cost $4 for 30 minutes.

Flight Status

  • To know more about flights, Newark arrival time, delays, time-to-land and gate information, check out our EWR Arriving Flight status page.
  • For departing flights, see our EWR Departing Flight status page to check actual and scheduled departure times, flight delays, map tracking and EWR airport gate info.
  • You can also book a flight at EWR directly and check the best fares and offers at the airport.

Airport Terminals

The Newark Liberty International Airport has three terminals with 110 gates. The terminals ⁠— A, B, C— are arranged in a semi-circle structure. Passengers can go from one terminal to another using AirTrain, which is free and operates 24 hours.

Terminal A: Terminal A of EWR mainly handles domestic and regional flights. It has three concourses and four levels.

Major airlines including JetBlue, Air Canada, Air Canada Express, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and American Eagle operate domestic flights at this terminal.

Terminal B: Terminal B mainly hosts international flights and some domestic flights. This terminal has three concourses. Several international airlines and famous carriers like Delta Airlines, Delta Connection, Sun Country, Elite Airways, Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines operate on this terminal.

Terminal C: Terminal C is exclusively used by United Airlines by United Airlines. It has three concourses.

Airlines Served

  • Newark Liberty Airport serves over 30 domestic and international airlines, including American Airlines, Air Canada, Eurowings, Delta, Frontier Airlines, British Airways, JetBlue and Sun Country.
  • The airport is a major hub of United Airlines.
  • View the full list of airlines served at EWR.

Airport Parking

There are several parking options available at the Newark airport.

Short-Term Parking

All terminals have short-term lots at EWR airport.

Short-term parking costs $4 for every 30 minutes.

You cannot park your car at short-term lots for more than 24 hours.

Daily Parking

You can use Lot P1/P3 and Garage P4 for daily parking.

You can also easily access AirTrain from these lots.

This parking also costs $4 per 30 minutes.

Economy Parking

You can use Lot P6 for economy parking.

The cost for a full day is $18. After the first 24 hours, every 8-hour slot costs $6.

This parking lot is located approximately 3 miles from the terminal area.

You can reach this lot using the courtesy shuttle/bus between P6 and Terminals A, B, and C.

Cell-Phone Waiting Lots

This is the best place to park your car if you plan to wait. This lot is free, and located near the airport's entrance, adjacent to the P4 garage.

This lot is less than five minutes away from all terminals.

However, you must stay with your vehicle at all times.

Reserved Parking

If you want to avoid the hassle of finding lots, you can book a parking slot online. Click here to book your parking before reaching the airport.

Ground Transportation

You can use several ground transportation options to reach EWR airport or your destination from the airport.


The AirTrain at the Newark Airport is the best option to use to reach your destination. The AirTrain at EWR connects all terminals of the airport to Newark Liberty International Airport Station. The station offers connections to major city stations, including Newark Penn Station, Secaucus Junction and New York Penn Station.

AirTrain is free if you plan to use it to reach any point in the airport. For destinations outside the airport, you can purchase AirTrain tickets from NJ Transit or Amtrak at their train stations, ticket offices or ticketing machines.

An AirTrain ticket price depends on your destination, but on average, it costs $8.


You can use NJ Transit Bus Lines 28, 37, 62, 67, 107 to reach your destination from the airport.

The Express bus service runs between the Newark Liberty International Airport and New York City. The cost of this service is $18 for one way, or $30 for a round trip. Each bus stops at all 3 New York stops.

You can board the bus at the relevant bus stops at EWR from Level 1 of each terminal.

Car Rental

Several rental car companies operate at the Newark Airport, including Budget, Avis, Dollar, Hertz and Payless.


You can use a taxi to reach your destination from EWR. Usually, taxi service at the airport sees rush hours from 6AM to 9AM and during 4PM to 7PM.

Ride-hailing apps

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft operate at the Newark Liberty Airport. You can book your ride from your phone and wait for it at the designated pickup spots easily visible on the airport.

Amenities & Services

Newark Liberty Airport has many options for dining, entertainment and relaxation. You will find outlets of almost all famous food chains and restaurants, including Ben & Jerry's, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, World Bean Coffee, Wendy’s and Market Fresh.

The airport features:

  • Shopping stores, restaurants, coffee shops and bars
  • Electronic gadgets vending machines
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shoeshine
  • Smoking areas
  • Travel and VIP lounges
  • Kids play area
  • Nursing Suites
  • Sleep stations

Contact Information

Address: Newark Liberty International Airport

3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, United States


Phone: (973) 961-6000

Have you lost an item at the airport? Lost & found.

EWR Airport: A Brief History

  • The first structure of Newark Liberty International Airport was built by the City of Newark on 68 acres of marshland in 1928.
  • The Newark Metropolitan Airport Administration Building was built in 1934. It was decorated by murals of famous painter Arshile Gorky.
  • The airport was named Newark International Airport in the 1970s.
  • FedEx Express opened its second hub at the airport in 1986.
  • United Airlines opened a new, $25 million hangar for its wide body aircraft during maintenance in March 2014.
  • The airport’s name was changed from Newark International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport in 2002 in the memory of passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 that was hijacked and crashed during the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Traveler Help

Questions about EWR? Find answers here.
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Newest Questions

Where is drop off for departing flights?

Asked by Joe - Thu, 5 January

At Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), there are designated areas for passenger drop-off at each terminal. To drop off a passenger at Terminal A, you can use the Departures Level (second level) of the terminal. To drop off a passenger at Terminal B, you can use either the Departures Level (second level) or the Arrivals Level (first level) of the terminal. To drop off a passenger at Terminal C, you can use the Arrivals Level (first level) of the terminal.

To access the drop-off areas at the terminal, you can follow the signs for Departures or Arrivals and look for the designated passenger drop-off lanes. It is important to note that vehicles are not allowed to park in the drop-off lanes, so you will need to remain with your vehicle at all times while dropping off a passenger.

Once you have dropped off your passenger, you can either park your vehicle in one of the airport's parking lots or garages, or arrange for someone else to pick you up.

Where would you collect oversize baggage like skis?

Asked by John Smith - Fri, 30 December

At Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), oversize baggage such as skis can typically be claimed at the baggage claim area in the terminal where your flight arrives. The baggage claim area is usually located on the lower level of the terminal, near the center of the terminal. To retrieve your oversize baggage, you will need to present a claim ticket and a government-issued photo ID to the baggage claim representative. If you do not have a claim ticket, you may need to go to the lost and found office to retrieve your baggage.

Where is Alaska airlines departure terminal for domestic flights?

Asked by Sandy - Thu, 27 October

Alaska Airlines is located in Terminal B on Level 2. 

Is there a Bank of America ATM at Newark airport Terminal B?

Asked by Carol McMorris - Sun, 9 October

There are several ATMs located throughout the airport but it isn't specified which bank they are. 

What terminal does Spirit airlines occupy?

Asked by Frank Arena - Fri, 30 September

Spirit Airlines is located in Terminal B. 

My flight arrives at Terminal B at 4:20 pm. My connecting flight is in Terminal C at 5:35 pm. How do I get from terminal B to Terminal C?T

Asked by Jackie - Tue, 27 September

The Airport Airtrain would be the best way to get from Terminal B to Terminal C.

Where is the handicapped parking located for Terminal C? Is it on the surface?

Asked by Dick Morrissey - Fri, 16 September

There is handicapped parking at Terminal C, you do have to cross one roadway but there is a shuttle available. You must have your handicapped license plate or display easily visible to use these spots. 

Which terminal does Alaska Airlines leave from?

Asked by claire - Wed, 14 September

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal B. 

What is the terminal serving Alaska Airlines?

Asked by Sarah Ralston - Tue, 30 August

The check-in for Alaska Airlines is on Level 2 of Terminal B. 

Where is the shuttle area?

Asked by Francisco Benero - Wed, 17 August

There are many different options of shuttles available at this airport. Please see more information here.

Are there showers available at this airport?

Asked by SHEILA E PARRY - Mon, 15 August

Yes, there are showers available in the United Airlines lounge, but you have to show proof that you are flying with United. 

Where is the Amtrak located?

Asked by Annie c Gast - Sun, 7 August

The Amtrak is located about 3 miles northwest of the airport. 

Is there an email address for Alaska Airlines at EWR airport?

Asked by MyV - Mon, 4 July

Alaska Airlines doesn't have a direct e-mail address. You can fill out a contact form through this website.

How can I trace my lost baggage?

Asked by Michael Scavuzzo - Tue, 28 June

Contact your airlines directly to find any lost baggage. 

Where is the Amtrak located?

Asked by Karen - Fri, 24 June

The Amtrak station is located in Terminal C at the EWR Airport. If you have a flight with Newark Airport shown as the destination on your ticket your monorail fare is included and you won't have to pay the $8 fee. 

Closest bathroom to Gate C101?

Asked by Bibiana A - Wed, 22 June

The closest restroom is located between Gates C103 and C105. 

Is there a post office or a USPS Dropbox in Terminal C?

Asked by Finn - Thu, 16 June

No, there is not a post office of any kind of mail dropbox in Terminal C or the EWR airport. 

I left a garment back on the economy lot bus on April 25th around 4pm. No name tag. Is this forever lost or do you have a lost and found

Asked by Jim - Fri, 29 April

Yes, you can call the Lost and Found at 908-787-0667.

I'm flying United Express and don't know which terminal my flight leaves from.

Asked by Robert Wexler - Tue, 19 April

United Express operates out of Terminal C at this airport. Fly safe!

Hi, can we exchange USD for Euro's before we board our flight to Portugal? Our flight is an 11pm departure, so wondering if there are machines available, since any businesses would likely be closed that time of night.ThanksWendy

Asked by Wendy - Sun, 17 April

From what we can tell, currency exchange is not currently offered at this airport. 

What is email and phone number for baggage claim in Newark Airport?

Asked by Agron - Tue, 8 March

Contact your airline regarding luggage questions or issues. The Lost and Found, can be called at (908) 787-0667.

Which Terminal does Delta Airlines uses at EWR airport?

Asked by Deepika - Sat, 26 February

Delta Airlines uses Terminal B at the airport. 

Is there a Cellphone Lot at EWR Airport?

Asked by Sneha - Tue, 22 February

Yes, the cellphone lot is available  - it will take you about 5 minutes to get to any terminal at the airport.

Where is group check in for United Airlines?

Asked by Rosellen - Wed, 16 February

The group check-in for the united airlines is operated at Terminal C Level 3

Can i get my mother assistance in Newark to get to SAS international flight once she arrives from Pittsburgh

Asked by Catherine - Sun, 6 February

Yes you can request assistance directly from SAS. The best way to make the request is via My Booking page of SAS. 

Is there a location to take a Covid Test in preparation for a flight to Europe?

Asked by Robin Biggs Harben - Sat, 29 January

Yes, this airport offers COVID testing. For Terminal B it's located on level 3, near the front entrance. You can call them at 1-973-961-6905. For Terminal C, it's on level 1, near baggage carousel 7. You can call them at 1-201-424-7049.

How do I request a receipt from proof whiskey bar?

Asked by Valeri Ferris - Fri, 28 January

You can call Proof Whisky Bar at 866-508-3558. 

Baggage office at Newark for United

Asked by Julia - Fri, 7 January

United's baggage office is located adjacent to the Airport Baggage Claim Area.

My baggage never arrived.

Asked by Alexander Cherkassky - Mon, 13 December

Please contact your airline directly for lost baggage. Good luck!

What gate are the United clubs in?

Asked by Barbara Balsamo - Tue, 7 December

There are two United Clubs: One in Terminal C, on the upper level near Gate 74 The other one is in Terminal A, Concourse A2. 

My husband is flying with our daughter who is 16. What identification do they both need?

Asked by Angela Gilio - Fri, 3 December

Minors under the age of 18 traveling with parents or guardians do not need identification to pass through TSA security. If they have a driver's license, they can still show it so they can get used to the process! But they technically don't need it. 

Hi, I'm trying to reach the baggage tracing department. The phones just keep ringing. I am trying to locate my luggage. Can someone please help me? It's been 5 days of searching and waiting.

Asked by Tori - Wed, 1 December

Please contact your airline directly for any baggage issues. Good luck!

What number do I call for lost luggage?

Asked by norma morato - Wed, 17 November

This depends on your airline, you have to call the airline you traveled with. If United Airlines, the Baggage Service Center is at 1-800-335-2247. If you’re outside the U.S. or Canada, call 1-281-821-3526.

Does united fly to Nevis out of same terminal if you land from Dulles? Could you make a 50 minute transfer

Asked by Mimi - Wed, 17 November

Flights from Dulles typically arrive in Terminal C, which is also United's International Terminal. So your flight to Nevis should be within a 10 minute walk. Check the big boards when you arrive - you should be able to make it. 

I am trying to locate lost luggage, what should I do?

Asked by norma morato - Tue, 16 November

Sorry that happened! Each airline has departments to handle lost luggage issues, so you will need to contact the airline you traveled on to get this information. 

Can you provide a specific location for UAL Group Check in? What I have is Terminal C, Departures, Door #1, Zone H. Is this referred to as a 'mezzanine' level or other?

Asked by Jim Lonergan - Mon, 15 November

United Airlines operates their group check-in at Terminal C Level 3. Please reach out to United Airlines for all additional details as they are the ones who manage this program. 

I left black and white baby pictures in a Walmart blue envelope on my flight from SRQ to EWR. Did the cleaning crew turn anything in? Is there somewhere besides United Air to submit a claim?

Asked by Katie - Sat, 13 November

We are assuming you contacted the airline directly, which is really the best thing you can do if you lost something on a flight. Don't feel bad, this happens hundreds of times every day!

Is there a Wells Fargo ATM in terminal A?

Asked by Jill Forrester - Mon, 20 September

Yes, an ATM exists, but according to the airport it is temporarily unavailable. They did not give an estimate when it would be working, sorry. 

Can you pay for lounge access?

Asked by Linny Lawson - Fri, 12 February

The only lounge that we know of in EWR where you can get a day pass is the "Art and Lounge" in Terminal A at the Airport. 

Newark Liberty Airport Q&A

Yes. The airport’s official name is Newark Liberty International Airport, but it is commonly known as EWR or Newark airport.
The airport is 3 miles south of Downtown Newark and 15 miles southwest of Midtown Manhattan in New York City and
The airport is a main hub of United Airlines.
Yes. There are plenty of places to sleep in the Newark Liberty airport. You can find some quiet places and armrest-free benches on Terminal B’s airside. You can also find some padded benches in the food court in Terminal Check out some layover ideas to kill time at EWR.
In terms of cost, January is typically the cheapest month to fly into EWR.
EWR offers several non-stop destinations. Check out our direct flights page to see where you can go.
EWR airport is one of the three major airports serving the New York Metropolitan area. The other two airports are LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).