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Newark Liberty EWR Terminal Map EWR Terminal A EWR Terminal B EWR Terminal C


Newark Liberty Airport layout,  Getting around (Terminal-to-Terminal connections, Internatioal Arrivals, Virtual Avatar, & TERMINAL DETAILS. (Alphabetical Airline listing, including United /United Express passenger information is at the introductory page of this site.)

Newark Liberty Airport consists of three major passenger terminals – TA, TB & TC-
arranged in a semi-circle. All three Terminals have four levels:  Levels 1, 2, 3, and a Gate level between levels 2 & 3 with Gate areas 1, 2 & 3; at gate area entry is the security checkpoint.  Three escalators located at each level's center, at right & left, connect to the next level, while elevators are on both ends of levels 1-3.  Signs direct passengers to specific levels of terminals and to their services.
- If arriving at EWR by AirTrain your first terminal stop after 7 minutes will be at Terminal C, with another two minutes each to Terminals B and A in that order.
- TSA & United installed 17 automated screening lanes with the latest technology.
- The new Welcome Centers in the Arrivals areas of the three terminals (with ATM cash machine), are staffed by Customer Care Representatives wearing red vests, who offer the following services: Ground transportation information, hotel reservations, info on shops & restaurants, rental cars and tourist attractions.
- WiFi service at all three New York airports is only free for 30 minutes; thereafter it is $4.95 per hour, $7.95 per day, and for frequent fliers $9.95 a month.

Getting around: 
    Terminal to Terminal connections: 
Hop on the  AirTrain (serving pre-security, non-sterile areas on the Gate Level of all terminals and free within the Airport) and get off at your connecting terminal within minutes - however to get to your connecting gate you need to go through security check first.
You can also take the shuttle bus between TA & TC - at TA (near gate A28), TC (near gate C71) - no security check needed.
The AirTrain also takes you to the rental car facilities, hotel shuttles and central parking lots P2, 3 & 4. Furthermore, The AirTrain gets you daily, 24/7, from/to and around Newark Airport, with connections to New Jersey Transit and the rail lines that run on the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line, as well as to/from Manhattan and points north, or Philadelphia and points south.
    International Arrivals: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes).  To get to your connecting flight, take the Airtrain which serves all pre-security areas of all terminals.
    Airport-related information:  Aside from information counters, EWR  placed in each terminal a 'virtual avatar' - with the likeness of a real person.

TERMINAL DETAILS:  (As United and United Express occupy several terminals and gates - please refer to the extensive airline listing at the introductory page.)

Terminal A at Newark Liberty Airport - used for all domestic flights of  Air Canada, Alaska, American, jetBlue, Southwest, United Express, & Virgin America.  The shuttle bus from Terminals A to C stops near gate A28. 
    Level 1 of TA offers access to the parking facilities.
    Level 2 of TA is the arrivals level with baggage claim, rental car counters, hotel phone board, bus & taxi counters.
    Level 3 of TA has 5 check-in areas and 3 security checkpoints leading to airline gate areas A1, A2 & A3.
    Concourse /Gate Level of TA leads to three gate areas: Gate Area A1 (gates A10-18);  Gate Area A2 in the center (gates A20-28); and Gate Area A3 (gates A30-39).  Each gate area has an airline club lounge. ATM machines are on the Gates Level and near gate A14. Food & drink, shops & newsstands are only on this level.
   NOTE:  On June 15, 2017, groundbreaking took place for new Terminal A replacing the aging current terminal - to be opened in stages until final comletion by 2022. Soon work will start  on three roadway bridges connecting current central terminal area to the new terminal.  Thereafter construction starts on the new terminal for a more modern air fleet, with excellent customer services & amenities. 

Terminal B at Newark Liberty Airport is currently used for all international flights by Aer Lingus, Air China, Air India, Allegiant, Austrian, British, Cathay, Delta, El Al, Elite, Ethiopian, IcelandAir, LaCompagnie, Lufthansa, OpenSkies, Porter, SAS, Swiss, TAP Portugal, United (international), Virgin Atlantic and WOW Air.  TB houses  immigration/ customs facilities. * see United & United Express locations listed on top)
TB offers an exclusive Meet & Assist Service: For Airport Concierge call 1-877-854-5472 or open:;  for Air General call 1-877-854-5472 or open:
Terminal B recently completed its major overhaul which included lower-level ticket counters, in-line baggage screening, connector expansion, mid- & upper-level renovations, and upgrades on the meet & greet area. Airlines also made substantial investments (including the new Lufthansa Terminal B lounge).
While the Port Authority manages the majority of TB, 15 gates in the B2/B3 satellite, & the Customs facility - Delta Air Lines manages the B1 satellite with its 9 gates.
    Level 1 of TB:  opposite level 1 are three bus stops.
    Level 2 of TB is the Arrivals level with baggage claim and an information counter on opposite side. In the center is a hotel board, rental car counters, & taxi & bus desks;
    Level 3 of TB has 5 check-in areas and 3 security checkpoints leading to the Gate Level:  Gate Areas B1 (managed by Delta), and B2/B3 - managed by the Port Authority.
    Concourse /Gate Level of TB houses (before security check) the new British Airways Galleries lounge for its first-class & Club World (business class) passengers & Executive Club Silver & Gold members. This level has separate security checks for Gate Areas B1, B2 & B3. (Gates Area B1 is managed by Delta, while Gate Areas B2/B3 are managed by the Port Authority):
- Gate Area B1 (gates B40-47) has two VIP lounges for Lufthansa & Virgin;
- Gate Area B2 (gates B51-57) in the center; has a nursing suite;
- Gate Area B3 (gates B60 to B68) has two VIP lounges; a nursing suite, currency exchange is available in the gate area B3 and at gate B61. B3 houses the Virgin Atlantic member lounge.  Food & drink, as well as retail concessions are only located in the Gate Levels, with Relay being in each gate area. A currency exchange is near gate B61; the airline club is near gate B68.

Terminal C at Newark Liberty Airport exclusively used by United domestic & international flights & United Express airlines:
   United Airlines'
Departures are in TC at check-in levels 2 & 3; United's Arrivals are in TB for international flights, and in TC for both international and comestic flights; United's Arrivals level for both TB & TC is on level 1.
   United Express' 
Departures are in  (a) in TA, check-in level 3, and TC, check-in levels 2 & 3;  its Arrivals are at TA, level 2, & TC, level 1.
United's new Global Services Reception Lobby
- intended for its top-frequent flyers - is accessible via  premier access entry at Door 4, departures level, adjacent to C-2 security checkpoint.  Its reception area has direct access to 4 new security lanes, which can be used as TSA Pre-Check or standard lanes.
    Level 1 of TC is the Arrivals level with baggage claim, information counter, taxi & bus desks; & a bus stop outside. United Airlines ticket holders can store their bags with NBS Storage at Terminal C, between baggage carousels 1 & 2.  Arriving passengers will go through Immigration check and proceed to the baggage claim on the lower level.
    Level 2 of TC serves ticketing and Economy check-in, plus PremierAccess check-in; Global Services & BusinessFirst check-in. 
A  secure mezzanine level between levels 2 & 3 houses Airline Club, currency exchange and US Immigration.
    Level 3 of TC serves ticketing and Economy check-in, plus Group check-in, and Special Services. and has 3 security checkpoints leading to airline gate areas C1, C2 & C3 and to the  AirTrain Newark station.
    Concourse /Gate level of TC leads gate areas C-1, C2 & C3 and their individual gates and services; each houses a 'Kiosk Check-in/ Customer Service Center; Concourse C2 also houses ticketing/check-in, while TSA PreCheck is at all 3 checkpoints. Food & drink, as well as shops, are located on the Gate Level, and in the three gate areas. A bus stop is outside of the Lower Level, to the left.   Gateways 1 & 2 house airlines lounges.
  - Gate Area C1 is arranged in a Y-shape (gates C70-99);  with currrency exchange & 2ATMs, Information counter, United Club, &  the Shuttle Bus from TC to TA near gate C73.
  - Gate Area C2 in the center (gates C101-C115A-B) with an info point near gate C102A.
  - Gate Area C3 (gates C120-139) with an info point near gates C122; United Club & currency exchange near C3's entry, an ATM & curency exchange near gates C133, 132.
* NOTE:  Terminal C's redevelopment has been completed : Its exterior and inside check-in areas have been upgraded, including the exclusive Premier Access check-in. In the post-security areas, OTG Management transformed the terminal by enhancing feel & functionality. Completed Phase 1 involved (transition of 48 dining & market spaces, to include CAPS Beer Garden, Chef Paul Leibrant's Vesper Tavern, Italian steakhouse Abruzzo, the French 'Riviera' restaurant, Ninna's Meatball Kitchen & Worldbean Coffee).  Travelers are able to pay at both gate & dining areas with United MileagePlus award miles at one of the 1,500 iPads available throughout the terminal.