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Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport ( XNA ) Terminal Map Information

Northwest Arkansas Regional XNA Terminal Map XNA Concourse A XNA Concourse B XNA Main Terminal

MAIN TERMINAL / CONCOURSES AT Northwest Arkansas Regional XNA

The passenger terminal at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport has a lower and an upper level with Concourses A and B and offers free Wi-Fi connection. Recent Terminal upgrades included the Lobby renovation, terrazzo flooring at entrances, new carpeting, new ceiling tiles, public address system, finishes & color schemes similar to the Concourses, and remodeling of   bathrooms at level 2.
    The lower level has separate entrances:
- to the left of the Arrivals lobby are transporation counters, a phone directory, carts, food & drink, and two baggage claim carousels, and an oversized baggage counter in between the rental car desks.
- To the right of the lower level, is a self-service check-in area, the Departure Lobby, airline ticket counters and airline baggage handling & ticket offices.  In the center are escalators and an elevator  to Concourse B's Departure lounges and gates, as well as to the upper level.
    The Upper Level houses elevators & escalators to the Arrival & Departure Lobbies downstairs, a security checkpoint in the center, and access to Concourse A to the right and Concourse B to the left:
       Concourse A with gates A1-A11 currently serves American Eagle &  United Express. It houses three business centers.
       Concourse B with gates B1-B5 currently serves Allegiant .

Services & Amenities inside the terminal include
free WiFi access, information booth, Lost/Found, conference room rental, 4 business centers, ATMs, golf cart service to gates & parking lot, baggage carts, yoga room, massage chairs, play centers, shoe shine stand, salon, & curbside checkin for American Airlines passengers.

Current airlines serving the terminal:
Allegiant, tel. 702-505-8888
American, tel. 800-433-7300 
Delta, tel. 800-221-1212
United, tel. 800-864-8331

- If meeting arriving passengers,
go to the terminal baggage claim area or to the terminal curbside. Announcements are made to arriving passengers that they can meet their welcoming parties in these two areas. 
- For paging someone from outside call (8am-5pm only) tel. 479-205-1000, where you will be connected to the arriving party via courtesy phone - after hours contact the airline directly.
- The terminal has a new mother's room.