Orlando Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Listed below are: A. All available Parking Options &Fees; and B. Parking Details and Directions to Parking Facilities:

A. All Available Parking Options & Fees (forOn-Airport Parking)

1. Free Cell Phone Lot - short-termparking area for passenger pick-up. Wait for passengers to call, then pick upat curbside baggage claim. No commercial or unattended vehicles and vehiclesshall not be parked overnight

2. Red and Blue Satellite Parking,conveniently located with free shuttle to/fr. Terminal. Exit within 10 mins -no charge. Fees:
First 3 hrs (or part) - $4; after 3 hrs, dailyrate applies: $10 

3. Terminal Garage Parking – Short-term/long-termparking. Check-in for passengers on Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwestand United. Terminal area garages and terminal top garage have height restrictionsof 7 feet. Exit within 40 mins - no charge. Oversized vehicles should park inthe Surface Lot, adjacent to the "B" Garage. Fees:


Parking Garage A& B

First 20mins                                                                             Graceperiod

21 – 30mins                                                                             $2

Each additional 15mins                                                            $1(maximum of $19)

24hours period                                                                        $19(maximum 45 days)


ParkingGarage C

First 20mins                                                                             Graceperiod

21 – 30mins                                                                             $2

Each additional 15mins                                                            $1(maximum of $17)

24hours period                                                                        $17(maximum 45 days)

4. Valet Parking For short-term andlong-term parking, includes complimentary curbside check-in for passengers onAlaska, American, JetBlue, United. Fees:
1 hour                                                                                      $7.46

24 hours period                                                                       $25(maximum 60 days)

Payment: Cash, American Express, MasterCard, Visaand Discover

5. Express Pick-Up/Drop-Off - theclosest short-term passenger pickup area, only for E-Pass/SunPass customers.Fees:
Each 20 mins, up to 2 hrs - $1; Each hrthereafter - $5, up to daily max (24 hrs) - $74

6. Hotel Guest Parking - Note:Parking rates are inclusive of all taxes & fees. (Off-Airport lots usuallycharge advertised rates plus 14.5%). Fees: 
Self-parking $12; valet parking $16. CarDetailing $30-$45 
Payment Options: (except for ValetParking): American Express, MasterCard, Visa, E-PASS, SunPass.


HyattValet Parking – For long-term orshort-term parking. Can be accessed from the Hyatt Regency OrlandoInternational Airport. Fees:

The first 20 mins                                                                      $4

Each additional 20 mins                                                           $1(maximum 3 hours)

24-hour period                                                                         $25(maximum 60 days)

Car detailing is available for an additional fee of $30-$45

7.Terminal Top Parking – All spaces are covered, within easywalking distance of the A-side and B-side of the terminal. Fees:

Graceperiod for the first 20 mins

21-30mins                                                                               $2

Eachadditional 15mins                                                            $1(maximum $19)

24-hourperiod                                                                         $19

B. Parking Details and Directions to Parking Facilities:

1. Cell Phone Lot Directions:

From the North (SR 436/SR 528): The Cell PhoneParking Lot is located at 8730 Jeff Fuqua Blvd on the North Approach Road,about 1 mile south of the terminal building. Exit right from the North Entranceroad onto the North Exit Road. Turn left off the North Exit Road into the CellPhone Lot where indicated.

From the South (SR 417): The Cell Phone Parking Lot islocated at 10546 Jeff Fuqua Blvd on the South Approach Road, about 1 mile southof the terminal building. Exit SR 417 at Boggy Creek Road. Go north on BoggyCreek Road and branch left onto the South Approach Road. Turn right off theSouth Entrance Road into the Cell Phone Lot where indicated. 

2. Red & Blue Satelline Lots -You may park in the Satellite Parking lot for any length of time up to 120days.
Free shuttle service every 10 mins between theSatellite Parking lots and main terminal. Departing passengers are dropped offon the Departures Level (Level 3) on both the A and B sides of the mainterminal. Allow yourself an add'l 30 mins when using Satellite Parking.
Satellite parking is uncovered, but is in fencedfacilities which are routinely patrolled by the Orlando Police Department -Airport Division.

Directions to Blue Lot 5501 Cargo Rd.:
From the North (SR 436/SR 528): The BlueSatellite Parking Lot is located on Cargo Road, just off the North Entranceroad from Semoran Boulevard (SR 436), about 1 mile north of the terminalbuilding.
Exit right from the North Entrance road onto theCargo Road exit ramp. At the lights at the junction of the exit ramp and CargoRoad, go straight over into the Blue Satellite Parking Lot. 
To return to the Blue Satellite Parking lot,board the free shuttle service which operates regularly, as per the postedschedule from commercial lane parking space A17-A18 (on the A side), andB18-B19 (on the B side) on the Ground Transportation Level (Level 1) of themain terminal (one level below Baggage Claim/Arrivals). 

Directions to Red Lot 10536 S. Access Rd.:
From the South (SR 417): The Red SatelliteParking Lot is located on the South Approach Road, about 1 mile south of theterminal building.
Exit SR 417 at Boggy Creek Road. Go north onBoggy Creek Road and branch left onto the South Approach Road. Turn right offthe South Entrance Road into the Red Lot where indicated.
To return to the Red Satellite Parking lot,board the free shuttle service, see posted schedule from commercial laneparking space A17-A18 (on the A side), and B18-B19 (on the B side) on theGround Transportation Level (Level 1) of the main terminal (one level belowBaggage Claim/Arrivals).

Gold Lot: 
An additional (Gold) satellite parking lot maybe used when the Blue and Red Lots reach capacity. The Gold Satellite ParkingLot is located 2 miles west of the Blue Lot on Tradeport Drive. Please followroad signs to whichever satellite parking lots are open.

Oversized vehicles: Vehicles longer than 20 feetin length cannot be accommodated in the satellite parking lots.

3. Terminal Garage Parking islocated on either side of the Main Terminal ("A" and "B"side garages). The garage offers electric vehicles charging in Lv.2, Row A(Garage A) and Lv.2, Row P (Garage B). Your airline will determine which sideyou should use. Terminal B is served by: US Airways, Spirit, Northwest,United/Ted Aer Lingus, British Airways, Lufthansa, Pace, Miami Air, AirTran,Delta, Aero Mexico and Condor. If none of these are yours, you must chooseTerminal A. Follow signs to Terminal Garage Parking on the entranceroads. 
The Terminal Garage consists of 10 ParkingLevels: Levels 1-4 = A&B side; Levels 5-10 and part of Level 4 is TerminalTop; R2 and R1 Level are for Car Rentals.
After parking, take the elevator down to theTunnel Level, cross to the Main Terminal, then take the elevator/escalator upto the Arrivals Level (Level 2), or Departures Level (Level 3).
Terminal Top Parking may be accessed from thetop level of the "A" or "B" side Terminal Garage Parking.After parking, you may take the elevator down inside the Main Terminal oneither the "A" or "B" side. 

Garage C: Accessed via a 3,5 mins APM (Automated People Mover) ride from theA-side and B-side. Vehicles higher than 8’2” cannot be accommodated.

4. Valet Parking - at the HyattRegency Orlando International Airport. Car Park opens from 6am – 11pm and canbe accessed from the departing flight club

5. Express Pick-Up/Drop-Off - openfrom 8:00am to midnight daily. You may either remain in your car, or exit carto pick-up/drop-off passengers. Follow signs to Express Pick-up area at thedeparting flight curb. Vehicles may NOT be left overnight.

6. Hotel Parking for guests at theHyatt Regency Orlando International Airport - Fees are per night and arecharged directly to your room. The Hyatt also offers Hotel Packages thatinclude parking for the duration of your trip. 

7. Handicapped Parking - mostconvenient options to reach disabled parking spaces in the followingareas: 
(a) "A" or "B" side TerminalParking Garages near the elevator shafts on levels 1 & 2 
(b) Terminal Top Parking near the elevatorshafts on each level 
(c) Satellite Parking Lots - on the shuttleservice to/from terminal. To ensure availability call (407) 825-2980 foradvance arrangements.

8. Oversized Vehicles - Parking foroversized vehicles: next to the "B" side Terminal Garage Parking.Enter the "B" side Terminal Garage Parking entry plaza and followsigns to the left into the surface parking lot. Oversized vehicles includevehicles higher than 7' 0" and/or longer than 20 feet in length.

9. Curbside Drop-Off - You may dropdomestic passengers off at the curbside check-in on the Departures Level (Level3) on either the "A" or "B" side of the Main Terminal. Ifyou wish to park after dropping off passengers and luggage, follow signs toeither Satellite Parking or use the "Quick Park" ramp on the"A" or "B" sides of the Main Terminal to access theTerminal Garage Parking. Vehicles cannot park there unless actively unloadingpassengers and/or baggage, and under no circumstances may vehicles be leftunattended.

10. E-PASS/SunPass - If you want touse E-PASS/SunPass to pay for parking: 
Enter the parking garages using the specially marked E-PASS/SunPass' lanes.No parking ticket required. 
(b) PARK
Park as usual 
(c) PAY
Use the specially marked E-PASS/SunPass lanes for exit. Parking fees are deducted from yourE-PASS/SunPass account. No additional fees. For receipts contact your EPass orSunPass office. If you presently dont have E-PASS/SunPass and would like it in the future,contact: 407-823-7277 or 888-865-5352.

For further information on parking call (407)825-PARK.


Orlando ( MCO ) Airport Parking Map

Orlando MCO airport parking map

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