Parking Tips

Airport Parking Tips

There are lots of things to consider before heading off to the airport, and airport parking may not even be on your list. However, if you neglect it, then it may cost you money, time, and hassle.

It may be very annoying when you are already getting late for a flight, and you reach the airport parking, searching for space and taking a lot of time. Moreover, it is really frustrating if you have to pay an excessive amount for parking when you return from the trip.

You can avoid this mess by spending some of your time to know appropriate ways of parking. Read the tips given below before booking your airport parking that can help you to save your time as well as money.

Pick the Right Parking Option for You

Booking airport parking is not as simple as it seems. If you wish to have a perfect deal for your car parking at the airport, make sure the parking you choose fits well with your needs.

Here are some quick guides that can help you to have the right parking as per your requirements.

  • On-Airport Parking

On-airport parking is a car parking area which is situated on the grounds of the airport. It is near to the terminal and is best when you look for easy, quick, and convenient parking.

  • Meet and Greet Parking

Meet and greet parking is another well-known way to park your vehicle at the airport. In this method, you will meet the driver at the terminal, who then parks your car.

If you wish to have complete convenience and do not want to worry about searching for space or catching a transfer bus, then this method is best. However, it may cost little more than the on-airport parking.

  • Park and Ride

In a park and ride service, you can park off your vehicle at the airport grounds and then catch a shuttle bus that transfers you to your terminal. This parking area is a little far from the airport terminal, so it adds some time to your parking experience, but it is preferable when you are not short of time.

Moreover, these transfer buses work regularly and help you to save a lot of your spending in the parking area.

  • Consider Off-Site Parking

As an alternative to on-site parking, there are off-airport parking options which may offer significant discounts from long-term airport parking. Most have shuttle vans or buses which operate from their facilities to the terminals, and feature secure facilities with security guards and cameras 24 hours.

Book Early to Take Advantage of the Best Deals

Take advantage of the best deals by booking airport parking as early as possible. Most of the people leave it for the last minute and pay a big amount for it.

Parking prices of the airport can change between products as well as months. That is why it is advisable to book the airport parking as early as you can because the prices also increase as the car parks get booked up.

Moreover, if you are booking the airport parking in advance, make sure you book cancel-able parking in case your plan changes.

Make Sure Your Car Is in Safe Hands

The next airport parking tip is about the security of your vehicle. Make sure that the car park that you are choosing for your vehicle must have a Park Mark award.

Park Mark accreditations demonstrate that a car park is inspected regularly and meets all the security terms.

Check the Estimated Transfer Time

When you go for a park and ride service, then make sure that you also check the expected transfer time of the shuttle bus to the airport terminal. Be aware of the peak times as this can take some more time than the regular days.


We hope that the above airport parking tips help you understand the parking rules and save your time and money.