Santa Barbara Muni Airport Parking SBA

Santa Barbara Muni Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you need to pick up a passenger at the Airport, it is best to use one of the two available free Cell Phone Waiting areas located: (a) at WW II Memorial near east end of Long-term parking lot, off J.Fowler Rd.; or (b) at Goleta Slough Overlook, south of the terminal & directly across from the Hwy 217 Sandspit Exit on W.Moffett Place.  Stay with hour car until your party collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the terminal curb.  Of course, you can also park in the new short-term lot across from the terminal.

Other Parking options at Santa Barbara Airport:  
    The Short-term parking lot is on 500 Fowler Road
Fees:  first hr $2, each addd' hr $1, up to daily max $20.
    The Long-term parking Lot (adjadent to the short-term lot) also located at 500 Fowler Road.
Fees:  first hour $2; each add'l hr $1; up to daily max $13.

For Motorcycle Parking contact parking attendant at long-term booth. Motorcycles are not allowed on pedestrian walkways to enter/exit lot.
For accessible parking call either 896-4520 or see the parking attendant at exit booth to arrange for parking at either short- or long-term lots.
For general parking information call ABM Parking at 805-967-4566.

Santa Barbara Muni ( SBA ) Airport Parking Map

Santa Barbara Muni SBA airport parking map

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