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RESERVE powered by CLEAR Guide

RESERVE is a special virtual queue program that allows you to make a reservation on the TSA security screening line, for yourself and your traveling companion before you get to the airport (or after you arrive at the airport). The service is available in select airports, and is free to use. More information including how it works, airport locations, and FAQ can be found on this page. 

How It Works

  1. Click on the airport you are departing from below. 
  2. Enter your flight details, the number of passengers in your group (up to 10), and find a time to go through security that works for you.
  3. Once you select a time and input your information, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a QR code.
  4. At the designated time, go to the Reserve Lane, scan your QR code with help from CLEAR staff and enjoy life in the fast lane! 

A Few Things To Know

  • Appointment slots are limited, so reserve your spot early to get a preferred time.
  • RESERVE is different from the CLEAR Plus program - and is accessed through a different designated line before security.
  • Unlike CLEAR Plus, RESERVE is currently not available in conjunction with TSA PreCheck - you will need to proceed through “standard” security. 



CLEAR, aka CLEAR Plus, is a subscription-based service that uses biometric information (fingerprints/iris scan) to speed up the process of identification phase of TSA security lines. The service can be used in conjunction with the TSA PreCheck program and does not require an advanced reservation to use. 

RESERVE is a free service that requires you to make a booking prior to your flight. RESERVE is only available at select airports. Although the service provides more predictability, you will still need to show identification to the TSA officer and it only works with "standard" physical screening (not available with TSA PreCheck). 

RESERVE is ideal for large groups traveling together, as you can make a single reservation for up to 10 passengers. But keep in mind you must ALL show up at the designated reservation time for it to work. 

Zero. Nothing. Nada. It is a free service. 

Anyone can use RESERVE. But keep in mind that if you have TSA PreCheck, RESERVE will place you in the "standard" TSA screening line and you will also need to show your ID. Also, with CLEAR Plus you don't need a reservation. 

Typically this is 72 hours, however, some airports are allowing RESERVE bookings up to 30 days in advance. The best way to find out is to go to the booking page and select your specific date and flight. 

Yes, you can book a spot in line at JFK Terminal 4 up to 30 days in advance of your flight, for up to 10 passengers in your party. 

Passengers using the free RESERVE lane will be placed in the "standard" security line. TSA PreCheck subscribers can use the RESERVE lanes, however, they will not be able to go through PreCheck lanes after the ID check. 

A passenger with a CLEAR Plus membership can certainly book a spot using RESERVE, however, it may be faster to use the on-demand CLEAR Plus lanes depending on the volume of each line. Also RESERVE passengers cannot use TSA PreCheck, whereas CLEAR Plus passengers can use both services in most cases. 

RESERVE bookings include a 20 minute window before and after the reservation time. If your flight changes and you are outside of this 20 minute timeframe, it is best to make a new RESERVE booking with the new expected arrival time to security. 

RESERVE powered by CLEAR is available at Orlando International Airport. You can book a spot for up to 10 passengers within 72 hours of your departure. 

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