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When should I arrive at the Airport?
Enhanced government mandated security measures are in place at airports worldwide. The new measures require travelers to be aware of changes in baggage check-in and security screening. They also require extra travel time. Confirm your flight before leaving for the Airport and follow the Airline's recommendation as to arrival time at the passenger terminal. Peak travel periods (6:30am-9am for domestic, and 11am-2pm & 8pm-11pm for both domestic & international flights) require more time for the process of ticketing, baggage check-in and security screening. Check traffic conditions & weather & add in the extra time you may need to get to the Airport.

Where can I wait for arriving passengers inside the Terminal?
Government aviation regulations now prohibit non-ticketed persons beyond passenger security screening at most airports worldwide (and all U.S. & Canadian airports). Please meet your arriving party in the terminal baggage claim area or at terminal curbside. If you are picking up an unaccompanied minor, an elderly person or a person with special needs, contact their Airline & they will try to accommodate you. You can also ask for a gate pass at the airline ticket counter, but there is no guarantee you will be issued one, or that security will allow you to pass.

Can I pick up or drop my passenger at curbside?
Yes. The curbside drop off is permitted, however there is absolutely no waiting in front of the terminal; for passenger pick-up many airports have a free cell phone waiting lot or you can use the short-term parking lot.


Do I need parking reservations and is parking space available upon my arrival?
After you select an airport on iFly.com, select the Airport Parking option in the main menu. There you will find all available parking choices--from valet parking to off-site parking, fees (the most current fee structure is most likely posted at the entrance of the parking facility), payment methods and specific details. It will also provide you with information on which parking facility accepts reservations and the contact & reservation procedure. In general, airports do not accept reservations. Some Airport Parking Garages have automatic guides directing you to an available space.

I am a Disabled Person - where can I park and what is the Fee?
Disabled Parking is provided by all airports, usually clearly marked, in either specific parking facilities or in each parking facility and are available to those who either have the appropriate license plate or their disabled placard on the vehicle dashboard. As to special fees: Usually airports offer parking at a certain facility at a reduced price. Free disabled parking is rare.

What transportation is available to/from the city, to/from the outlying areas?
iFly lists the following modes of transportation available at the airport: Buses & Trains, Taxis & Limos, Shuttles & Vans, Shuttles within the Airport, Hotel Shuttles, and Rental Cars. For more details, click on Transportation on this site & select your choice.

Each category provides you with choices offered either by public or private transportation, their names, telephone numbers, specific services offered, hours of operation, fares--if available, and links. If you decide on taking a taxi, make sure that you take airport-authorized taxis only. For your own safety & pocketbook, do not follow solicitation efforts to get you into a taxi. Larger Airports have a staff guiding you to the next-in-line taxi at the taxi stands in front of the terminal entrance.

I need to transfer to another Airport - what is the fastest way to get there?
Look at Ground Transportation on this site and click on either "Buses & Trains"--large airport connections can also be listed thereunder as "Airport to Airport", or "Shuttles & Vans", or "Taxis & Limos".

Where do I find my Rental Car Agency and How do I get to their Off-site Locations?
Rental Car Agencies have their counters at larger airports either inside the terminal, or at a separate Transportation Terminal, or within a Parking Structure, while some discount agencies may maintain their Offices & rental lots outside the Airport perimeter. Smaller airports may not have on-site Rental Car facilities at all. For all off-airport locations you will have to wait (with your luggage) at the dedicated bus stop until your Rental Car Agency's free shuttle bus comes around and brings you and your luggage to your off-site agency. If the Agency's car lot is on-airport, but not within walking distance, a shuttle bus is likewise provided.

I have never rented a car before, what do I do and where do I return the car to?
Rental Car procedures are very simple. Before you leave, it is a good idea to check (a) your credit card agreement whether you have collision coverage; also look at your car insurance policy's coverage. Take along a copy of your policy, or at least write down the policy number & what is covered. When you get to the counter, show your driver's license and other ID & ask for a directional map. They will ask you if you want collision; answer no, as you pay twice as much. Pay and ask for a map that shows you where you are, and how to get to the main highways. It will also show you where to return your car. Take the papers & your luggage and go to the designated spot where your car is waiting. Examine the car thoroughly. If you see a dent, etc., report it before leaving, as your car will be examined upon your return & any possible damage will be billed to you. Put the rental car papers in the glove compartment, look at your map - and off you go! Don't forget to tank up before you return your car, as they bill gas at twice the rate.

How do I get to the train station, which is located outside the Airport?
Go to Ground Transportation in the top menu and look at either "Buses & Trains", "Shuttles & Vans", or "Taxis & Limos".

What choices do I have to get to the City Center?
The best place to look for is under "Ground Transportation" - click on "Buses & Trains" or "Shuttles & Vans", or "Taxis & Limos". The Buses & Trains section will also guide you to connecting transportation to either the suburbs or farther away.