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MAN : Maim Terminal Jan 09, '18 Comments: 1

Manchester Airport General Topics

Our holiday details say we leave from Terminal 1 and arrive back at "main terminal". What is meant by "main terminal? Our return flight number is MT1967.
Where are you flying to? "Main Terminal" could refer to your destination.

MAN : from terminal 3 to terminal 2 Nov 28, '17 Comments: 0

Manchester Airport Gate Connections

how much does this cost

MAN : Rental Car Pickup Mar 19, '17 Comments: 0

Manchester Airport Traveler Help

Where do I pickup and drop off a rental car at the Manchester UK airport?

MAN : Terminal to los angeles Dec 07, '16 Comments: 1

Manchester Airport Gate Connections

I i am flying from manchester to los angeles. Which terminal does does flight leave from philadelphia
In Philadelphia you will arrive in Terminal A and depart from A, B, or C.

MAN : Manchester airport - overnight Sep 10, '16 Comments: 0

Manchester Airport Layover Ideas

Hi, I need to wait for my morning flight overnight (arriving by train from Leeds). Is there any place to sit comfortably at the airport overnight (before security clearance)? Any open convenience stores?