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Recent Cheap Flights from Sydney Kingsford Smith SYD

FlightSydney - Mascot, NSW to San FranciscoFrom $1485
FlightSydney - Mascot, NSW to Los AngelesFrom $1499
FlightSydney - Mascot, NSW to Las VegasFrom $1545
FlightSydney - Mascot, NSW to SeattleFrom $1550
FlightSydney - Mascot, NSW to DenverFrom $1671
FlightSydney - Mascot, NSW to DallasFrom $1716
FlightSydney - Mascot, NSW to ChicagoFrom $1847
FlightSydney - Mascot, NSW to AtlantaFrom $1857
FlightSydney - Mascot, NSW to CharlotteFrom $1901
FlightSydney - Mascot, NSW to New YorkFrom $1990

What other flyers are asking about Sydney Kingsford Smith Flights

Q: Which Airlines fly to/from Sydney - Mascot, NSW?

A: Airlines that fly from Sydney - Mascot, NSW airport include China Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, and Air New Zealand. More...

Q: What are the cheapest flights from Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport?

A: Flight prices change continuously, depending on a number of factors including demand and availability. Additionally, different sites have access to different fares, so it's best to compare sites to get the cheapest flight options when considering flights from Sydney Kingsford Smith airport.

Q: What are the nearest airports in the Sydney - Mascot, NSW area?

A: The three closest airports to Sydney - Mascot, NSW are Canberra CBR airport, Melbourne MEL airport, and Brisbane BNE airport.

Q: Where can I fly direct from Sydney Kingsford Smith SYD Airport?

A; There are approximately 47 destinations that you can fly Direct to from SYD airport, which are listed below. Learn more about 'Direct’ vs ‘Non-stop flights’

Direct Flights from Sydney Kingsford Smith. Compare Fares & Find Deals!

Flight Time
Fare Range
Melbourne (MEL)438 miles0:46 - 0:54 hrs$88 - $394
Brisbane (BNE)466 miles0:49 - 0:58 hrs$93 - $419
Hobart (HBA)646 miles1:09 - 1:21 hrs$129 - $581
Adelaide (ADL)722 miles1:17 - 1:30 hrs$144 - $650
Cairns (CNS)1226 miles2:11 - 2:33 hrs$245 - $1103
Christchurch International (CHC)1322 miles2:21 - 2:45 hrs$264 - $1190
Auckland (AKL)1342 miles2:24 - 2:48 hrs$268 - $1208
Wellington (WLG)1385 miles2:28 - 2:53 hrs$277 - $1247
Port Moresby Jacksons (POM)1711 miles3:03 - 3:33 hrs$342 - $1540
Darwin International (DRW)1960 miles3:30 - 4:04 hrs$392 - $1764

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