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Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport ( SYD ) Terminal Map Information

Sydney Kingsford Smith SYD Terminal Map SYD Terminal 1 SYD Terminal 2 SYD Terminal 3


Terminal Layout & Transfer options; International Arrivals; NOTE and TERMINAL DETAILS at Sydney Airport.  

The passenger terminal complex at Sydney Airport consists of three operational passenger terminals – T1 (International),  and T2 & T3 (Domestic).  
(A fourth terminal, east of T2, is currently not in operation).  T1 is across from the runway and from terminals T2/T3.  T2 & T3 are within short walking distance and just received a new road network. Between T1 & T2 fee-based transportation is needed:
Transfer options between T1 and T2/T3:
 Service between T1 & T2/T3 is provided by outside entity (not the Airport) at $6 per person, one-way. The 2-minute transfer takes is available daily between 5am & midnight.  Between Terminals 2 & 3 is a walkway.
- AirportLink Train: Frequent trains run daily 5am-midnight between T1 & T2/T3, take 2 minutes and cost $5.
- T-Bus (tel. +61 2 970 8844): frequent shuttles buses between T1 & T2 take 10 mins and costs about $5.50. Buses stops on Arrivals level at T1, bus bay 21 near McDonalds, and at T2 bus bay 3 near baggage carousel 6.
- P-Bus serves T2, T3 & long-term carpark.
- Taxis: between T1 & T2/T3 takes 10 mins and costs $8-12.
- Qantas Seamless Transfer: between Domestic flights QF400-QF1599 and International flights QF001-QF399 - confirm eligibility by calling 131313. NOTE that Qantas uses T1 for Flight numbers above QF1600  - and T3 for Flight numbers under QF1600 at T3.
- Virgin Blue Seamless Transfer
: If transferring between Virgin Blue & Pacific Blue, Polynesian Blue or one of Virgin Australia's interline or codeshare partner airlines, you may be eligible to use this service - confirm eligibility by calling 136789.
International Arrivals at Sydney Airport need to complete & submit incoming passenger immigration card and present valid passport; if entering Australia, you may need a Visa.  For detailed information visit either customs.gov.au/site/page4224.asp - or (in another language) at customs.gov.au/knowbeforeyougo/default.asp; or visit immi.gov.au.  Most international flights arrive at Terminal 1 (but check your ticket or with your airline).  Note that presenly there are no porter services available at the Airport.

 -  Indoor Google maps were installed in May 2017.  
 - The new China-Australia air services agreement provides for unlimited capacity to cater to the growing Chinese market.
 - The Customer Care Center  won the AAA Airport Innovation & Excellence Award for customer care. It is able to handle over 22,000 inquiries a month. (call 133 SYD). 
 - Sydney Airport is undertaking drastic upgrade work for roads, transportation & Terminal 1 - ongoing until 2019.
'Smiling Ambassadors' - equipped with iPad minis - assist passengers with updated airport & flight information. 
 - Qantas uses T1 for Flight numbers above QF1600 for T1 - and under QF1600 at T3.


Terminal 1 is the
International Terminal with Concourses B & C - located in the northwest area of the Airport. T1 consists of three levels - the Departures & Arrivals levels and a level for airline offices. An observation deck is on the rooftop.  Upgrades at  the departures level were completed, new passenger processing and security screening areas opened and new shops and restaurants added. 
The Virgin Blue Seamless Transfer & Qantas Seamless Transfer buses to either Terminals 2 or 3 is located outside of Arrivals.
Qantas uses T1 only for its flight numbers above QF1600.
T1's improvement program completed late 2016, included: 
 - Redeveloping gate lounges (streamlining boarding procedures; more comfortable passenger boarding areas); improve emigration & security entrance; and provide navigation signage throughout T1. Improve entrances to emigration & security check, and adding  at Departures 'The Marketplace' (a new retail & dining precinct offering a selection of street food-style fare.
 - The new glass-enclosed areas will provide natural light, and launge- style passenger seating area for passengers waiting to board.
 - Dining upgrades included a premium dining hub with a number of new chef-driven dining options (The Bistro by Wolfgang Puck, Benny Burger by Shannon Bennett and Kitchen by Mike). The casual dining precinct in the check-in hall now showcases an expanded range of healthy and tasty food outlets such as Roll’d, Mach2, Hokka Hokka, Soul Origin, Oliver Brown, Nando’s and Grand Cru, providing more dining options for passengers and catering to all budgets and tastes.
 - Shopping upgrades included designer fashion brands (Tiffany,TUMI, Michael Kors, Kate Spade New York, Hugo Boss, Max Mara, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bally, Zegna, Furla & Jimmy Choo, and more).
 - Duty-Free shops:  Heinemann (the Airport’s award-winning duty free partner*), introduced over 400 new brands  (perfumes, cosmetics, fashion, accessories &  liquor - and custom-built dinning concepts Coast Café & Bridge Bar (developed by chef Luke Mangan).  
    The Arrivals level of T1:
 - Arriving passengers from gates 26-29 & 8-10 take the escalator /elevator arriving at Concourse ? with gates 24-37. International transfer screening is reached by elevator /escalaor thereafter, all other passengers proceed to Customs & Quarantine and thereafter arrive at Arrival A, which has in the center an Information desk, ATM cash machine and access to transportation (including Qantas domestic transfer to T3 for flights QF-40 and above, the Sydney route 400 buses, and the TBus Bus to T2).
 - Arriving passengers  from gates 50-63:  Near gates 56-59 is the International screening desk.  Near gate 53 is the Emirates Arrivals Lounge.  Passengers proceed to Customs & Quarantine and thereafter to Arrivals B with escalator access to the Departure level, and to Virgin Domestic Transfer.  This area also offers an information counter,  ATM cash machine, a shower  and baby-care facility.  Outside of Arrivals B is the Virgin Seamless Transfer bus.
 - International Transfer Points are between gates 54-53 and between gates 10-24.
    The Departures level of T1:   As you enter at street level, the Departure facilities are divided by check-in counters H, J & K (east),  and check-in counters F - A (west) - each side housing oversize baggage, Information counter, ATM cash machine, shower, free internet kiosks & parents room. 
- Between F & G check-in facilities is an elevator to the Medical Center & Lost Property.  Near the A check-in counter is an Excess Baggage counter.  Beyond 'Express Path' is Customs & Security check to all departure gates. Qantas First Class & Business Class lounge (on upper departures level) can be reached from near gates 9 & 10.
- While gates 8-10 are to the left of security check, the International Transit desk can be accessed by escalator/elevator on level 1. Thereafter, the departure area splits into gates 24-25 (left) and 50-37 (right,) while at gate 24 escalator/ elevator take you to gates 26-29.  To the east of customs & security check are gates 50-63 with access to airline lounges of Etihad (at departure leve), Singapore Airlines (at upper departure level), and Emirates &  Air New Zealand (on the upper departures level).
- Food & drink and retail stores are available in the areas before & after Customs, in the main part of T1, as well as at the gates of Concourses B & C. Tax- and duty-free shops are in the post-customs area. Information desk, Post office currency exchange, and Guardian Pharmacy are between check-in G & H, Qantas Sales & Services near check-in B; an elevator to Lost Property and Qantas Oversize Baggage is near check-in  A, with nearby shower facilities & parents room, and stairs & lift to the observation deck. 'Hokka Hokka' & Roll'd Vietnamese restaurants cater to the Asian visitors, while local brands include Soul Origin offering fresh food done on premises.
       Concourse B of T1 has gates 8-37 - with gates 8, 9 & 10 to the left, and past the commercial area, gates 26-29, reached by elevator /escalator) to the left,  and gates 30-37 to the right. In the center of Concourse B is an escalator & elevator to the Transfer Desk on the third level.
       Concourse C of T1 has gates 50-63, mostly served by airbridges, & a few by remote bays. Travelex has two outlets there.
Current Airline lounges at T1: 
 - Qantas Club at gate10 & at opposite gate 49;
 - First-Class Qantas Lounge at gate 37.
 - Lounges between gates 50 & 63:  Air New Zealand, Singapore Airline, Silver Kris Lounge, Malaysia Airline Golden Lounge & the Emirates Lounge.

 Terminal 2, the Domestic Terminal, with Concourses A & B - is located in the eastern section of the Airport, and serves Virgin Blue, Jetstar, Tiger Airways, QantasLink & other regional airlines.  Near the Virgin Australia baggage carousel is access to trains and to T3.  This terminal has been extended, including its Concourse A, and its food court refurbished. There is new Yoga /Pilate  facility 'Lorna Jane Active Living Room', and a casual dining area with six new food options, redesigned casual seating area and enhanced wayfinding.
NOTE: SumoSalad Green Label was awarded 'Airport Food To Go Offer of the Year';  'Asia Pacific and Fast Food/Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) of the Year', and 'Asia Pacific Food & Beverage (FAB) Awards 2016'. It offers  unique range of made-to-order salads, breakfast bowls, charcoal meats and wraps, as well as cold pressed juices and coffee by Pablo & Rusty.
    The Arrivals Hall has rental car desks, and baggage carousels 1-6 (Carousels 1, 2 & 3 are for Virgin Australia & JetStar, Carousels 4, 5 for JetStar  & 6 are for Tiger). It has a food court, shops, food & drink outlets, entertainment, a pharmacy, Travelex & Vodafone. A walkway outside connects T2 and T3.
     The Departures Hall  located in the upper check-in & security area, has sales & ticketing desks for Virgin & JetBlue near the enrance  & Ticketing, near the entrance, oversize baggage, Virgin Australia, Tiger Tex & JetGo, and Jetstar check-in facilities, leading to security check and to all gates on the  lower concourse & gates level, which houses access to gates G1 & G2, a large food court, shops and to gates:
       Concourse A of T2 has gates 31 to 48 (gates 47 & 48 are bus gates). The Virgin International Transfer Lounge can be accessed from gate 46.
       Concourse B of T2
has gates 49 to 59. (Lost Property is near gate 52.
Airline Lounges at T2:
Regional Express Lounge is near acces to G1/G2 gates and the entrance to B gates.
- Virgin Australia Lounge at post-security (near main security checkpoint);
- Virgin Australia Transfer Lounge is near gate 37;
- Qantas lounge is are post-security, near gate 49.
- SACL lounges are at gates 58, 59 & 56.
- SkyTeam Lounge with business facilities serves its Elite Plus, First- and Business-class passengers. 
Regional Express Lounge is near Gates G1/G2.

Terminal 3 is the Qantas domestic terminal, used for Qantas flight numbers under QF1600.  T3 (facing T2, and located across from the carparks, with train station in the center)  - is in the eastern section of the Airport. T3 with14 parking bays and dual airbridges is serving Qantas & QantasLink, and hosts a large Qantas Club Lounge and a Business-Class & Chairman lounge.  If you lost an item at T3, contact Qantas at +61 2 9952 9312.
 - After checking in in the departures hall and going through security check, the Concourse has gates 1 - 7 (north; 8 - 13 west and 15-19  thereafter.  The QantasLink service desk is near gate 1; Qantas Business Lounge is reached by escalator near security check (left; the Qantas Lounge is on the upper departures level reached near gate 6, Qantas Meeting Rooms & Heritage Museum are on the upper level and Qantas International Transfers are reached by escalator/elevator in the gate 15 vicinity.  The Qantas Customer Service Desk is next to the information counter of gates 8-13. 
 - The Arrivals level houses baggage claim 1-5, oversize bag collection in the center, as well as an information counter in the Arrivals Hall, which offers rental car counters, food & drink, currency exchange & AT cash machines., and leads to Train access, valet parking & Qantas valet parking on one side - and baggage services, group check-in on the opposite side - while both sides have escalator/ elevators to the Departure level. 

Important contacts:
Australian Customs & Border Protection:  Tel. +61 2 9313 3010 or 1300 363 263; fax (02) 839 6714  or visit: www.customs.gov.au 
Australian Quarantine & Inspection: open:  http://www.agriculture.gov.au/aqis
Department of Immigration & Citizenship:  open: www.immi.gov.au/Pages/Welcome.aspx
Qantas: visit: www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/home/au/en
Virgin Australia:  www.visit: virginaustralia.com/au/en/
Jetstar:  visit: www.jetstar.com/au/en/home