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News Exchange

Books & News
After Security |


ATM Machines
Before Security | Gate/Area: 5

Burger King

Have It Your Way! Hamburgers, fries, chicken sandwiches and salads made to order.
After Security | Gate/Area: Food Court

Daily News

Books & News, Sundries, Accessories & Gifts
Before Security |

Great American Bagel

Made to order bagel sandwiches featuring breakfast all day
After Security | Gate/Area: 2

Ouachita Landing

After Security | Gate/Area: 6

Pizza Hut

Fast Food
After Security | Gate/Area: Food Court


Great sandwiches made with artisan breads, premium meats, signature sauces and more.
After Security | Gate/Area: Food Court

River Bend Bar & Grill

This full-service, wait staffed restaurant and adjacent bar features a large menu with many local food favorites featured
Before Security |


Coffee, Desserts & Snacks
After Security | Gate/Area: 4


Coffee, Desserts & Snacks
Before Security | Gate/Area: Baggage Claim

The food court and Ouachita Brew House

A full service bar featuring Arkansas microbrews among its offerings.
After Security | Gate/Area: 5