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Breeze Airways Guide

This comprehensive guide provides essential information about Breeze Airways, a low-cost U.S. airline. Discover details about the company's operations, flight status tracking, popular destinations, aircraft fleet, partnerships, gateway hubs, baggage rules, pet policy, customer service, and evolution. Find out how this airline, founded by David Neeleman, is making a mark with its non-stop flights and in-flight streaming entertainment. For information about other major passenger airlines, check out the Airline Guide on

Company Information

Founded in 2018 by David Neeleman, Breeze Airways stands out with its non-stop flights between underserved cities and in-flight streaming entertainment. The airline has implemented robust safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Find more about its operations, services, and safety measures here.

Flight Status & Tracking

Stay updated with your Breeze Airways flight status through their website, mobile app, or airport FID screens. This airline also offers real-time flight tracking using GPS, radar, and satellite communication.

Check Breeze Airways Flight Status to get current departure, arrival, or delay status of any flight, including flight tracker on a map.

Airport & Airline Tips and Resources

Check here to get details on airports that Breeze Airways operates from, such as terminals used, baggage claim, check-in, and more.

If you need to see all of the MX flights departures (or arrivals) for a specific airport, use the Flight Status widget on this page, select your airport, and you’ll be presented with a list of flights and their full details.

Traveler’s Guide to Flights, you can learn about commercial flights, the flight booking process, how (and why) flight numbers are selected and retired, as well as insights into air traffic control and who the world’s governing bodies are for commercial aviation (like the FAA in the USA).

Aircraft Fleet

The airline operates an all-Airbus A220-300 fleet, known for its fuel efficiency, low noise levels, and passenger comfort features. The airline is expanding its fleet, with orders for more Airbus A220-300 aircraft. Learn more about their aircraft fleet.

Partners & Alliances

Although not part of any major airline alliance, Breeze has entered into codeshare agreements with several airlines, including JetBlue, Azul, and Emirates. A joint venture with AeroMexico is expected to begin in 2022. Learn more about Breeze's partners & alliances.

Gateway Hubs

Breeze Airways, a US-based airline, operates an efficient hub system from Salt Lake City, Utah, connecting passengers to a variety of destinations. The hub system not only streamlines operations and reduces costs but also enhances passenger experience by providing easy connections within the airline's network. Established in 2020, Breeze Airways has rapidly developed this robust system, which plays a crucial role in offering affordable and convenient travel options. Whether traveling for business or leisure, passengers can expect a seamless, hassle-free experience with Breeze Airways. For more information on their operations, visit the gateway hubs.

Flights & Destinations

This guide covers flight booking, top travel destinations, and vacation packages. Breeze serves a variety of popular vacation destinations and offers numerous direct and nonstop flights. Learn more about these flights and destinations.

Baggage Help

Whether you're a frequent flyer or preparing for your first flight with Breeze Airways, understanding the airline's baggage rules, limits, and fees is crucial for a smooth journey. From carry-on bags to checked baggage, and even special items, Breeze Airways has specific guidelines to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers. This article provides a comprehensive guide to these regulations, helping you prepare for your upcoming travel. For more detailed information, check out this baggage info.


Breeze allows small cats and dogs under 25 lbs in the cabin. There are specific rules about pet carriers, the number of pets per flight, and age requirements. Larger dogs are not allowed as checked baggage. For more details on traveling with pets, click here.

Airline Evolution

Discover the story of Breeze Airways, a vision to provide affordable and convenient travel to underserved markets. Since its launch in 2021, the airline has continued to expand, aiming to connect more cities across the U.S. Delve into the full airline history.

Quick Facts About Breeze Airways

  • Breeze Airways is a new American airline launched in 2021.
  • The airline is founded by David Neeleman, who also founded JetBlue Airways.
  • Breeze Airways is focused on providing non-stop flights between smaller, underserved cities.
  • The airline's headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Breeze Airways' fleet consists of Embraer E190/195 and Airbus A220-300 aircraft.
  • The airline offers a simplified fare structure with two fare classes: "Nice" and "Nicer".
  • Breeze Airways does not charge change or cancellation fees.
  • The airline offers in-flight entertainment via a streaming service to personal devices.
  • Passengers can earn rewards through the airline's BreezePoints program.

Customer Service

For assistance with flight queries, reservation assistance, lost or damaged luggage, feedback provision, and inquiries about the frequent flyer program, find the necessary contact info.

Find more help here for your journey through the airport