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Emirates Pet Restrictions & Fees

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Emirates Pet Policy

Emirates, denoted by its IATA code EK, offers comprehensive pet transportation services for your fur family members. Interestingly, the airline does not limit the number of pets that can travel in the hold on their flights. However, it's critical to keep in mind that specific countries might have their own restrictions on the number of pets imported or exported. It is recommended to confirm your pet's travel details directly with Emirates at (800)-777-3999 prior to your departure. If your journey involves other airlines, double-check their pet policies to ensure a smooth travel experience for your pet.

Emirates has a unique policy for pets in the cabin – only falcons traveling between Dubai and certain Pakistani destinations are permitted. Otherwise, pets are not allowed in the cabin on Emirates aircraft. For those pet owners whose itineraries start in Dubai and are traveling to countries permitting the entry of animals as excess baggage, falcons, cats, dogs, and pet birds can be transported in the hold as checked baggage. This service is contingent on the total journey time being less than 17 hours, and all other conditions being met.

The cost of transportation varies based on the weight of the animal and carrier combined. If the total weight does not exceed 50lbs (23 kg), the service costs $500. For pets weighing between 53 to 70lbs (24 to 32kg), the fee is $650. And if the weight surpasses 70lbs, the fee rises to $800. Pets can also be transported as cargo with Emirates SkyCargo or in the hold on certain flights. Fees for this service are determined similarly, based on the weight and carrier dimensions.

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In the instance of two adult animals, each weighing up to 31 lbs (14 kg), they may share the same container if they are accustomed to cohabitating. It is worth noting that if your travel plans end in Dubai, animals must be transported as cargo. Carriers exceeding 118"" (300 cm) should be transported via SkyCargo instead, with the SkyCargo Team available at (+971) 600-566-661 for further assistance.

Whether traveling as checked baggage or cargo, carriers must meet international safety requirements, including secure locks, proper ventilation, and a robust structure. For pets under 50lbs (23kg), the total carrier dimensions should not surpass 59 inches (150 cm); for pets over 53lbs (24kg), the dimensions can range between 59 inches (150cm) and 118 inches (300cm).

Please keep in mind that Emirates can revise these policies at any time. Hence, it is crucial to always confirm directly with the airline for the most current and accurate pet transportation information before booking your flight.

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