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XiamenAir Memberships & Partners

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XiamenAir Partnerships & Alliances

XiamenAir, also recognized by its IATA code MF, is a renowned air carrier in China that has been significantly contributing to the global aviation sector. As an active participant in the global airline community, XiamenAir has established numerous partnerships and alliances to extend its reach and offer more comprehensive services to its passengers.

One of the most notable alliances of XiamenAir is its membership in the SkyTeam Alliance. SkyTeam Alliance is a leading global airline network that includes 19 members and offers its passengers a seamless travel experience throughout the world. XiamenAir joined the SkyTeam Alliance on November 21, 2012, further enhancing its international connectivity and providing more options for its passengers to travel across the world. As a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, XiamenAir passengers have access to an extensive global route network covering over 1,000 destinations in 170 countries.

Aside from its SkyTeam Alliance membership, XiamenAir has also entered into strategic codeshare agreements with other air carriers. These agreements allow XiamenAir to share the same flight with its partner airlines, broadening its flight network and facilitating smoother and more convenient travel for its passengers. XiamenAir has codeshare agreements with several airlines including KLM, Delta, Air France, and Korean Air, all of which are fellow SkyTeam members, thereby strengthening its global reach and enhancing its ability to serve its customers.

In addition to its alliances and codeshare agreements, XiamenAir has also formed special partnerships with other corporations. These partnerships have aimed to expand their service offerings and enhance their customer experience. From joint ventures to co-branding opportunities, XiamenAir has strived to make air travel more comfortable, convenient, and seamless for its passengers.

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XiamenAir’s memberships, alliances, codeshare agreements, and partnerships demonstrate its commitment to providing excellent service to its passengers. By collaborating with other industry leaders, XiamenAir is able to extend its services to a wider customer base, thus promoting a seamless and efficient travel experience.

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