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Getting to & from Bogota Airport:  The Airport is 13 km fron downtown Bogota;
Taxis: When heading to the city, it is best to use an airport-approved taxi. If you give the attendants at the taxi booth the address where you want to go, they write down on a piece of paper the taxi fare. If the driver asks for more money after arrival, just ignore him/her.
Shuttle buses (Bus Satelite) make their rounds starting at Eldorado Terminal and  proceeding to the bus station, cargo terminal, Civil Aironautical building,  then turning around to the Puente peatonal Cra.103; the Puente Areo and back.
The new TransMilenio line connects  the Airport to the City's mass transportation system downtown (a 40-minute ride) and other city points. Mi Transmi y SITP finds the Transmilenio routes you need, while showing the remaining time prior to bus arrival at the station. Download at sitp.gov.co
For SITP bus route information use the application MOOV IT - downloaded at:  moveitapp.com , or download at the App Store & Google Play.

Find more help here for your journey through the airport