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Save on Off-Airport Parking

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Check in for your flight early and allow extra time to park your car.

Parking Meters
Drive-through lane - each 10 mins (max 20 min) - 25 cents
Meters in paved lot - each 15 mins (max 1 hr) - 25 cents.

Parking choices and fees:

Paved Lot (372B)
Each Hour:                 $1.25
Each day (24 hrs):      $12.00
each week (7 days):   $72.00

Gravel Lot (372A)
Each day (24 hrs):       $9.00
Each week (7 days):    $54.00
Each month:                $207.00

Payment Option: Pay at the yellow kiosk by credit card or coins. Cash and change machines are located in the departures end of the terminal. The Airport staff will assist you, if needed.

YQQ Off-Airport Parking

Save 50% Or More vs. On-Airport Parking
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YQQ Airport Parking Map

Comox YQQ airport parking map

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