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Erfurt Weimar Airport ERF serves the capital City of Erfurt situated in the German State of Thuringia and its cities of
Jena, Gera, Weimar, Gotha, Eisenach, Arnstadt, Rudolfstadt & Muelhausen.
ERF Airport is located 5 km west of the city center of Erfurt, on Binderslebener Street, off the B-4 motorway, and accessible via A-71 (Erfurt-Bindersleben exit).
With 235,331passengers in 2016,  AirBerlin and other European airlines serve Erfurt Weimar Airport with direct and connecting flights throughout Europe and North Africa. The Airport serves mainly seasonal charter flights.

The on-Airport Hotel Erfurt  (tel. 036 - 656 11 11/ fax 1060 is located across from the P2 parking lot and offers conference facilities.

The passenger terminal complex at Erfurt Weimar Airport consists of two terminals - TA & TB, connected by a walkway -both terminals have departures and arrivals areas:
    Terminal A on the ground level houses rental car & check-in counters, security, passport and customs check; & baggage claim; and on the first level the Thuringen Restaurant, a conference room, visitor terrace, and walkway to Terminal B and gates.
    Terminal B houses on the ground level travel agencies and tour operators, airline information, reservation, & booking; lost & found, baggage claim, passport check, baby change room, EC cash machine, Snack & Travel, Air Shop and access to the C & D gates (after security check);
On the first level are travel agencies & tour operator; security & passport check; Travel Value and Duty Free shops. After security check you enter the waiting room with access to the B gates.
A VIP lounge for frequent flyers or business travelers is at gate 3 (tel. +49 361 6562250)

To get from the Airport to your destination, public transport via City train line 4 is available every 10 minutes between Termial B and the main train station in Erfurt - a trip of 20 minutes. Bus lines 891, 894 & 895 take passengers to Gotha. Gotha.  Long-distance buses ( offer routes from the Airport to Berlin-Suttgart and Desden-Frankfurt.

Binderslebener Landstr.100
Erfurt, Thuringia, 99092
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +49 361 65622-00

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Erfurt, Thuringia Airport Overview Map
Erfurt, Thuringia Airport Overview Map

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