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Layover Ideas Milwaukee General Mitchell Airport MKE

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Top 5 Layover Ideas for Milwaukee General Mitchell Airport

Long layovers can be a drag, but not at Milwaukee General Mitchell Airport (MKE). Here are the top 5 layover activities you can enjoy without straying too far from the airport.

1. Veterans Park

Located just a short drive from the airport, Veterans Park offers a beautiful green space adjacent to Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee. Whether you want to enjoy a picnic or take a leisurely stroll along the beach bordering the lake, this park is a perfect spot to relax and unwind. You can also watch passing boats and roller-bladers while soaking in the natural beauty of the park.

2. Whitnall Park

Whitnall Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the United States, is another great layover activity. This 600-acre park offers an on-site golf course, archery range, picnic areas, and flowering botanical gardens. It's an ideal place for a nice lunch or a relaxing afternoon walk.

3. Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion

Take a step back in time and visit the Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion. Built in 1892, this Flemish Renaissance mansion offers a glimpse into Milwaukee's wealthy history. The mansion, which was saved from demolition in 1975, has 37 rooms, 12 bathrooms, and 14 fireplaces. It's an amazing example of the city's architectural heritage and a must-visit for history buffs.

4. Milwaukee County Zoo

If you're a wildlife enthusiast, you'll love the Milwaukee County Zoo. With over 2000 animals, the zoo attracts over a million visitors each year. The zoo is divided into five continental areas, each with animals native to that region. From koalas and grizzly bears to snow leopards and African elephants, there's a lot to see and explore here.

5. Kettle Moraine State Forest - Northern Unit

If you have a bit more time to spare, consider a trip to the Kettle Moraine State Forest - Northern Unit. Situated about 45 minutes from Milwaukee, this forest is nationally known and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the country. The Northern Unit encompasses about 30,000 acres of forests, hills, lakes, and interesting glacial formations. You can enjoy a wealth of activities here, from hiking and bicycling to camping, fishing, and canoeing.

Helpful Tips & Resources

Need help navigating your way through an unfamiliar airport? Look no further than iFly.com for expert tips and advice. Here are some helpful tips to help you travel stress-free through MKE Airport:

  • Don't let heavy bags slow you down! Make use of our airport's complimentary baggage carts, available for all travelers in the baggage claim area.
  • If you have some time before your departure, relax, grab a bite at one of MKE's restaurants, peruse the shops, or jump on the free internet and surf galore!
  • If you are flying in business or first class (or are a member), check out where the airline club lounges are located.
  • Once you have passed through security, you can use the airport map to find your gate, as well as the various restaurants and shops that are available on your route.
  • Surf to your heart's content. Jump on Milwaukee General Mitchell airport's internet (free!)
  • For those (dreaded) early-morning flights, consider one of the airport hotels on or near MKE to spend the night prior to your flight. In many cases your parking for the trip's duration is free!
  • Have a flight arriving and want a fast way to get to your destination? Here are a few taxi and limo airport service providers that service the airport.

Nearby Attractions for an Extended Layover

If you have between 12-48 hours to spend and are willing to venture a little further from Milwaukee General Mitchell Airport (MKE), there's a wealth of attractions to explore in the wider Milwaukee area.

1. The Harley-Davidson Museum

For motorcycle enthusiasts or history buffs, the Harley-Davidson Museum is a must-visit. Located in downtown Milwaukee, the museum showcases the history of the iconic American motorcycle company. Here, you can see vintage bikes, learn about the company's rich history, and even try out some bikes for yourself.

2. The Milwaukee Art Museum

Art lovers should make time to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum, one of the largest museums in the United States. The museum's collection contains nearly 25,000 works of art, ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary art. The building itself, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is a work of art and worth the visit alone.

3. The Milwaukee Public Market

Foodies will love the Milwaukee Public Market, where you can sample a variety of local foods and beverages. From fresh seafood and gourmet cheese to artisan chocolates and craft beers, there's something to satisfy every palate. Plus, it's a great place to pick up some local souvenirs.

4. The Pabst Theater

For those who enjoy live performances, the Pabst Theater is a must-visit. This historic theater, built in 1895, hosts a variety of shows, including concerts, comedy shows, and theatrical performances. Be sure to check the schedule in advance to see what's on during your layover.

5. The Milwaukee RiverWalk

Finally, if you just want to relax and take in the city, the Milwaukee RiverWalk is a great option. This scenic walkway spans three miles along the Milwaukee River, offering stunning views of the city and its architecture. Along the way, you'll find plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops to explore.

Updated on: November 22, 2023