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Getting to & from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to your destination:
Note that you can buy one of eight types of rechargeable tickets, accepted on ferries, buses, subways & telecoms, one of which is ideal for tourists (the CNY30 Card without deposit). The card costs CNY10, to which you can add more value - the highest value is about CNY30 or CNY50, with each recharge in multiples of CNY10 (leftover not refundable).  

By Subway:
The subway stops are announced in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Subways run at peak hours every 3minutes and at off-peak hours after 9pm, every 7 minutes. Subway fares are set according to distance (up to the first 4 km, 4-12km, and for each additional 4 km segment;  for 12-24 km add an additional 6 km; and after 24km there is an added 8  km segment. 
- Line 1 has 16 stations and serves as transfer to the Guangzhou East railway station. 
- Line 2 has 24 stations, running north to south and taking you to both the Guangzhou and the Guanzhou South railway stations.
- Line 3 has a north to south main rail and a north to east branch.
- Line 4 from downtown has a direct connection to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Line 4 has 18-20 stations, starts north at Chebeinan and ends south at Jinzhou. 
Line 5 connects eastern and western Guangzhou and stops at the Guangzhou railway station.
Line 8 runs from the south bank of the Pearl River, west to east.
- To Foshan: The GuangFo Line, an intercity underground train, connects Guangzhou City to Foshan City. 

By Bus:  The Airport Express Bus (tel: (020) 8612 2102) links the Airport both with central Guangzhou and other destinations in the Pearl River Delta region, and departs right outside the terminal’s arrivals area. Of the three express lines, one leads to Dalong, one to Wanjiang, and one to Nancheng District;  while the Yangjing line added a new stop at Zhishan, Yangjiang City.
Of the City buses, there are 4 express & 6 non-stop lines available - departing daily between 20 and 30 minutes:
- Express One - North Gate of former Airport - HNA Hotel Central Guangzhou, BianjianZhan, Aviation Ticket Office (Railway Station);
- Express Two - North Gate of former Airport - BianjianZhan,The Garden Hotel. Aviation Ticket Office (Railway Station) - Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Center, Huashi (GDh) Hotel.
- Express Three - United Star Hotel, Fangcun Coach Station.
- Express Four - Guangyuan Coach Station - South China University of Technology,  Wa King Town Hotel, Wa King Town Hotel, Grand Royal Hotel, Yigang Garden, DongCheng GuangChang, Pearl Garden Hotel.
- Route Five - Dongfang Hotel, Haizhu plaza, Suijing Building, Dongfang Hotel, Haizhu Plaza.
- Route Six - Civic Plaza, Nanfang Daily.
- Route Seven - YongCheng Hotel, White Palace Hotel, Aoyuan Golf Hotel.
- Route Eight - GuangYuan Coach Station, Phoenix City, Sun City Hotel, Landmark International Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel.
- Route Nine - Gardenpeak Hotel, Nanhang Garden, Henry Bussiness Hotel, New Century Plaza.
- Route Ten - Haitao Hotel, Dashatou.

Intra-City Bus lines serve the following cities: Dongguan, Foshan, Heyuan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Nanhai, Qingyuan, Shenzhen, Shunde, Taishan, Wuzhou, Yunfu, Zengcheng, Shongshan & Shuhai.

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