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Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport SZX serves the densely populated area of Guangdong in south-east China and is currently China's sixth busiest airport.  Originally opened in 1991, it has grown rapidly in terms of facilities and passengers - while a single terminal grew over the years to four terminals - they were now replaced by a single, integrated and state-of-the art terminal - opening in late 2013.  The Airport is also an important venue for cargo traffic.
The City of Shenzhen has 11 million people and borders on the new territories of Hong Kong. 

SZX Airport is located near the villages of Huangtian & Fuyong, part of the Bao'an District, and is 32 km northwest of city center Shenzhen.  It is accessible by Bao'an Boulevard, exiting Airport South Road, leading to Linghang Roads 2 & 3 and the parking, hotel & terminal buildings - and by motorways B107, G4 & G15 (all meeting near the Hezhou Toll Station and leading to South Airport Road). 

With nearly 42 million passengers in 2017, and two long runways, Shenzhen Bao'an Airport is hub to Shenzhen, SF, & Shenzhen Donghai airlines, and is currently served by numerous domestic and other Asian carriers, offering direct & connecting flights to all points of  the globe.
Air China started recently its Los Angeles route via Beijing at a total distance of nearly 12,000 km.

On-Airport  Hotels:
 - The International Hotel is located to the left of the Ground Traffic Center, 
 - The Garden Airport Hotel is to the  right of the Ground Traffic Center.
 - The combined 'Hyatt House Hotel at Shenzhen Airport', which includes both the' Hyatt Place' and 'Hyatt House'  offers apartment-like suites with kitchens, and rooms with separate spaces for sleep & work, free WiF, fitness room, meeting rooms, and more - with  direct access to the passenger terminal.

Shenzhen Airport has a new integrated Passenger Terminal 3 with 24/7 Customs Clearance. (Pay-in VIP Buildings 1 & 2 at either side of it).   
NOTE: China has granted a 72-hour 'visa-free transit' for nationals of over 50 countries, including the U.S.

Present and future Airport developments:  Current plans include airport expansion, a third runway and a fourth terminal, as well as to convert part of its old terminal into a low-cost carrier (LLC) facility.  A large multi-level Satellite Concourse is currently under design - to be connected to the Main Terminal via automated people mover (APM) Food & drink & retail outlets are to be placed over multiple levels. 
 Also under consideration is a second airport - planning of which started and is part of the recently presented Eastward Shift Strategic Action Plan 2016 -2020.

Fuyong, Bao an District
Shenzhen, Guangdong,
Phone: +86 755 2345 6789

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