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Baggage & Security

Honolulu Airport HNL

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Baggage Claim at Honolulu HNL Airport

Note that passengers arrive at HNL at different levels and will proceed to either of the baggage claim carousels indicated below:
(a) Passengers arriving either at the Overseas Terminal with baggage claims D - H, or the Interisland Terminal with baggage claim B & C - will enter level 2;
(b) Passengers arriving at the Commuter Terminal with baggage claim A - will enter the ground level.
'Baggage Claims' screens indicate arriving flights and baggage claim (i.e.: .AA flt. 31 at Claim C1)
Information counters are at gate areas and in the baggage claim area.

Baggage Carts / Skycap at Honolulu HNL Airport

Baggage carts are located conveniently throughout the terminals.  Carts are free in the international Arrivals area of the Overseas Terminal.

Security at Honolulu HNL Airport

For the latest Transportation Security Administration travel tips and prohibited items list click to the http://www.tsa.gov/public/ or http://www.ifly.com/airport-security