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Ibaraki Airport IBR, the former Hyakuri Airfield, is a new airport opened in March 2010, intended to serve as low-cost alternative to Tokyo's Narita & Haneda airports, serving the northeast fringes of Tokyo, which include over 2 million residents, and thereby bypassing Tokyo air traffic on certain flights. The Airport is flexible in accommodating domestic & international, charter & business jet services.

Ibaraki Airport is located in Omitama city, Ibaraki Prefecture, 80 km northeast of Tokyo, and is accessible via the Joban Expressway. It takes about 90 minutes to get by direct bus to Tokyo Station, or the Akihabara station, or the Tokyo Disney resort.

With two runways and 612,316 passengers in 2016. While most flights are within Japan, air routes to Changhai Pudong and Seoul Incheon are also available.

The two-level passenger terminal at Ibaraki Airport - designed to have one combined arrival & departure lobby, houses the following amenities and services, along with WiFi LAN-based service. : The Ground level houses Customs, Immigration, VIP room, domestic arrivals, domestic & international departure halls, & check-in counters. The upper level houses a food court, shops, VIP room, airline offices & an observation deck.
    After security check you pass Customs & Immigration and arrive in the International Boarding Lobby,  with access to airine gates.
Prepaid SIM cards are available at the Central Tourist travel aency located at level 1, international arrivals lobby.
   Other Amenities & Services inside the terminal:  Information counter, rental car counters, Yamato Transport baggage home delivery,  Bank ATMs, currency exchange, coin-operated lockers, a meeting place the the large stained-glass artwork, nursing rooms in both domestic & interantional departures & arrival, & a tourist desk.  Level 1 houses mobile recharchers shops, duty-free, home elecronics shop, & a general store.

Bus Transfer to either Narita, Haneda or Ibaraki Airports: The Limousine Bus to both Narita and Haneda Airport is currently 900JPY; to Ibraki Airport 500JPY.

1601-55, Yozawa
Omitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 311-3416
Phone: 0299 37 2800 /fax 2828

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