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Security at Incheon ICN Airport

After check-in/ticketing and customs declaration, go to the nearest departure area and receive security inspections. There are a total of four departure gates in Incheon International Airport, and if the nearest departure gate is crowded, you may use a less busy gate to expedite your departure process. To guarantee the safety of passengers and airplanes, security screening is compulsory for all passengers. You are requested to cooperate with airport security operations.

Security Screening Procedures:
Present passport & boarding pass, along with Customs Declaration (if needed); then place your carry-on items onto conveyor belt and your items in your pocket or hand in basket; proceed through archway metal detector to be screened by a hand-held metal detector.

Pay Attention To the Following:
When visas for country of destination or country of transit is not required: (a) Traveling to countries with visa exemption agreements; (b) Countries with visa exemption agreements for Korean citizens; (c) When country of destination or transit requires reentry authorization; and (d) When country of destination or transit requires arrival visas.
Furthermore: (a) When holding residential passports; (b) Those with military duties or current soldiers; (c) Dual citizens, first-time immigrants and foreign adoptees; and (d) Accompanying children on passport.