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Guest Services at Incheon ICN Airport

Lost & Found

Lost & Found Center(T1) Operating hours 07:00 ~ 22:00 Location West of Public Area 1BF, Terminal 1 Major tasks Handling lost and found items in the passenger terminal
Lost & Found Center(T2) Operating hours 07:00 ~ 22:00 Contact 032-741-8988~9 Location Inside the One-stop Public Service, Center of the Floor 2, Terminal 2 Major tasks Handling lost and found items in the terminal

Mail Center


Animal Quarantine
When arriving with animals or livestock, you must submit an animal quarantine certificate from the country of departure to the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service and receive quarantine.    
National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service: Questions on Import / Export Animals : 82-32-752-1271~2
Questions on Import / Export Pets : 82-32-740-2660~2


Smoking is generally not permitted in ICN's terminals. However, it has set aside six smoking rooms located airside at the 3rd floor of the main terminal. There are also two smoking rooms on the second floor of Concourse A, as well as four smoking rooms on the third floor of Concourse A.

International Travelers at Incheon ICN Airport

All arriving passengers from foreign countries are required to prepare and submit a customs declaration form. When traveling with family, only one customs declaration form needs to be filled. Complete the Customs declaration form item by item. This can still be done in in the arrival area, but should really be done prior to arrival.

Customs Inspection Procedures:
Hand-carried items must go through an x-ray machine next to the gate. Passengers must then pass an x-ray machine also. Checked baggage must be retrieved at the arrival area's baggage carousel. If the luggage has a sign Customs Inspection attached, find a Customs agent to undergo closer examination.

Duty Free:
All passengers entering Korea have equallylimited duty free rights. Duty-free allowance per person $400 (if overseas items do not exceed that amount). For more information call Customs at: 82-32-740-4141 /4151 /4161 /4171